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Connecting you to Mill-Max Interconnect Solutions

For over 40 years Mill-Max has been leading innovation in the manufacturing of interconnect components. Mill-Max’s ability to provide innovative products and exceptional quality is a result of their unique approach to design and manufacturing. Mill-Max houses all of their processes under one roof including engineering, manufacturing, and quality control. In addition, Mill-Max uses proprietary high-speed turning machines which allow them to reduce tolerances and shorten lead times. Among Mill-Max’s broad range of products are spring-loaded connectors, IC sockets, TO sockets, IO sockets, pin receptacles, board-to-board connectors, pin headers, and PCB pins.

bisco industries is your authorized stocking distributor for Mill-Max pins, sockets, and interconnect solutions. bisco offers hundreds of Mill-Max products in stock, available for same day shipment.  bisco’s goal is to help you optimize your supply chain by offering services such as kitting, bin stocking, bar coding, and just-in-time (JIT) delivery. To learn more about Mill-Max products and to get instant pricing and availability visit bisco industries’ online store.

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