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Helping to Build Ventilators in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Marcia Williams

On a spring morning in March, Scott Rowden wakes up early and looks through the window. Thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic come into his mind. Scott reflects on how this situation has evolved from a distant virus in Wuhan, China to being spread rapidly in the United States and throughout the world. It seems unstoppable.

How our lives have changed with COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented and challenging times. ABC News shows ten ways in which COVID-19 has already changed our lives. They are as follows:

  1. Greetings – elbow pounds replacing our traditional handshaking
  2. Politics – uncertainty about 2020 presidential elections; no large crowds
  3. Hygiene – hand washing has become critical
  4. Public gatherings – limitations on the number of people
  5. Economy/markets – major hit to the US stock market and high volatility
  6. Travel – bans and restrictions are in place
  7. Stockpiling and price gouging – prices 50% higher for sanitizers
  8. Closed schools and offices – online classes and telework
  9. Clothing/ masks – medical face masks rose 319%, per Nielsen data
  10. Fears and anxiety –staying positive and productive becomes challenging


Scott grabs a quick breakfast. After reading articles and watching the news about the coronavirus pandemic, Scott gets ready to go to work. Yes, he drives to the corporate office located in Anaheim, CA because his company is considered essential amid the novel coronavirus.

The Ventilator Manufacturer Challenge

That Monday, Scott jumps on his work at his desk, as he typically does, without knowing that it would be an unforgettable day for him and his team at bisco industries. bisco industries is a premier distributor of electronic components and fasteners.

A major challenge from a ventilator manufacturer was awaiting Scott. Ventilators are artificial breathing machines that help patients with severe respiratory issues. They are very effective during coronavirus treatment. In these times, demand exceeds the available supply of the so needed ventilators, despite innovative approaches being tested to fight the imbalance. For instance, an article in The Guardian highlights how the Australian government is asking Ford for help in boosting production of ventilators.

Hospitals in Italy have been experiencing alarming issues with ventilator production capacity. This is to the point that doctors have made the tough decision of which lives to save.

“The capacity in northern Italy hospitals is a preview of a movie that is about to play in the United States,” said Marty Makary, a John Hopkins University surgeon and health policy expert, to USA Today. “The best two indicators of what things will be like in the U.S. are the number of COVID-related deaths in Italy and the number of ICU beds.”

This is not far from happening. Patients in the U.S. could be prioritized based on determined criteria for the allocation of ventilators, states an article titled As coronavirus pandemic surges, hospitals prepare for grim possibility of ventilator triage” on ABC News.

Ventilator manufacturers are facing three main issues:

  1. Demand is increasing at an extremely high pace
  2. Availability of raw materials for production
  3. Availability of staff to keep production running


Working against the clock to get the critical component

Precisely, the email that Scott received from the Palm Springs ventilator manufacturer was looking for a solution to the availability of raw materials. Amid this crisis, a function that many times is overlooked by companies’ leadership, has started to shine and getting the attention it deserves. That function is supply chain management.

As its names denotes, it is a chain from the raw materials to the end customer. This process covers purchasing and inventory optimization, operations and manufacturing, as well as warehousing and logistics.

To ensure supply chain continuity, the echelons in the chain need to be well-linked and have the flexibility and agility to respond to the rapidly changing environment. Guess who are orchestrating the chain with their multiple participants and complexities to have a resilient and streamlined supply chain?

Supply chain professionals are the ones behind the scenes. They juggle cost, quality, deliveries, lead-times, quantity, among many other pieces. Their motto is that the show must go on. With that motto, Scott took immediate action to find the requested critical component. He knew he was helping fight COVID-19. This created an immense energy that translated into effort.

An hour later, another e-mail from the same Palm Springs ventilator manufacturer flashes into his inbox. The quantity needed was 10X the original quantity. His knowledge and experience told Scott that the quantity required would probably increase. Scott was able to reserve all available inventory for the manufacturer in less than two days. The end result? A very pleased customer, impressed by the extremely quick response.

This is a clear example of how our communities are reliant on the functions performed by supply chain management professionals. This becomes visible when issues arise in the supply chain; for instance, material shortages and delays, among many others.

 The Rewards

Contributing to supply chain continuity during these times of disruption provides a real purpose and meaning to my job,” Scott said. We are in this together. The thought and action taken by Scott and the team at bisco industries enabled the ventilator manufacturer production line to keep running, thus saving lives. This challenge made a fantastic day at work. Scott couldn’t be happier. How great is the feeling to contribute to fight COVID-19. But, how did they do it?

Scott and his team’s fast turnaround were because of their relationships with their suppliers. Of course, knowledge and experience are key pillars of the foundations as well. Nonetheless, the most relevant aspect in this wonderful true story is bisco’s relationships built and solidified over time with their suppliers. That was the factor that made it happen.

Remember the sad situation that doctors are faced with in Italy as they are forced to choose among patients? And, the possibility of ventilator triage at hospitals in the United States noted by the article on ABC News? Yes, when doctors need to prioritize lives based on certain criteria?

This is the race suppliers are running against – the race Scott and the bisco team are running against. Based on the relationships they have built and their expertise of the supply chain, Scott and the bisco team were able to provide a fast response and deliver the exact products that were needed. This is how they enjoyed and are proud to be helping build more ventilators in the fight against COVID-19.

bisco industries Announces Authorization for PennEngineering

bisco industries is pleased to announce  its authorization as a distributor for PennEngineering. PennEngineering is a global leader in the fastening industry since 1942 and is the premier provider of PEM® self-clinching fastening solutions. bisco’s authorization provides increased access to the PennEngineering portfolio of brands which include PEM, Atlas, and SI.

Zach Ceiley, VP of Sales & Marketing at bisco industries believes that this authorization is imperative to building upon the one-stop-shop bisco strives to be. “Strategic additions to our product offering such as PEM, Atlas, and Si improve our overall service to the customer. This partnership bolsters our ability to provide fastening solutions to our customers and adds an important family of products to our line card offering. As a high service distributor, a robust line card is paramount to our value-add.”

bisco industries’ best-in-class local inventory and customer service, coupled with the addition of PennEngineering’s superior fasteners will deliver industry-leading fastening products to hundreds of industries across the United States and Canada. bisco can confidently leverage its customer-focused approach throughout the North American region to add and strengthen the bisco brand and PennEngineering’s North American market share.

About bisco Industries

bisco industries is a premier distributor of electronic components, specialty fasteners, and hardware. bisco ascends relationships with a huge network of manufacturers to provide customers with exceptional service. bisco has 49 local offices, 7 distribution centers, and an easily accessible e-commerce website. Companies and individuals interested in purchasing products should contact one of bisco’s 49 local offices or local offices or visit bisco’s e-commerce website.

bisco industries now an authorized source for Oetiker

bisco industries is now an authorized distributor for the full line of Oetiker products. Oetiker is a global leader in mission critical connecting solutions for the vehicle industry and for high-value applications in industrial segments.  Their expertise in high-quality clamps, rings, straps, and quick-connectors ranges from vehicle powertrain and drivetrain applications to medical plumbing, and electrical applications

As a preferred Oetiker distributor, bisco will have access to a wealth of products with a central focus on passenger vehicles, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, and industrial applications. This addition to the bisco line card is one of a handful of strategic new partnerships that allows bisco to broaden and deepen their verticals served.

bisco industries’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Zach Ceiley, had this to say about the new product line:

“Oetiker is a great brand to bring into our extensive line offering to help further define our footprint in key industries. Brand additions like this help us bolster our customers buying efficiency while giving us an exciting growth strategy for our upcoming fiscal year.”

Companies and individuals interested in purchasing Oetiker products should contact one of bisco’s 48 local offices or visit bisco’s e-commerce website.

About bisco industries

bisco industries is a premier distributor of electronic components, specialty fasteners, and hardware. bisco ascends relationships with a wide network of manufacturers to provide customers with exceptional service. bisco has 48 North American sales offices, 7 distribution centers, and an easily accessible e-commerce website.

Product Spotlight: Southco N6 Hinges

Southco’s Surface Mount Hinges can withstand physically demanding environments and are also available in 6 sizes with many possible configurations. With its stainless steel look, the N6 hinge not only functions amazingly but looks good as well. The stamped hinge construction and top-mounting styles make it an easy product to install in industrial machinery, electrical equipment, HVAC, and much more. bisco is an authorized distributor of Southco.

304 Stainless Steel Surface Mount Hinge with Small Leaf configuration

southco n6

Check bisco inventory for different configurations and sizes

 Your top provider for Southco products

bisco is an authorized distributor for Southco offering help and information on inventory. Our sales reps can assist you in finding the right material, finish, length, and more for these high quality products.

bisco to Exhibit at Solar Power International 2018


bisco is excited to join one of the largest and fastest growing solar shows in North America. Solar Power International (SPI) is taking place this September 24-27, 2018 in the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

SPI is a trade show put on by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) that’s designed to advance the solar energy industry by connecting professional all from all over North America and beyond. Since the first show in 2004, SPI has greatly influenced the growth of solar, smart energy, energy storage, and hydrogen fuel cells by matching up leaders in the renewable energy movement.

Additional segmented pavillions will be added to the show floor including Energy Storage International, Electronic Vehicles, Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace, Software, Asset Management & Performance, and Commercial & Industrial Solutions. This will allow exhibitors and attendees to be even more efficient with their time at the show by targeting specific areas to visit or exhibit in.

This year will be bisco’s first year exhibiting at the show. Partnering with the bisco team are premier supply partners Southco and Century Spring Corp. The show promises to attract attendees representing all segments of the solar industry. bisco will be interacting and meeting with current and potential customers to discuss solutions for their solar power applications.

Visit bisco at booth 1893 to learn more about the solutions we can provide and grab a couple cool handouts while you’re at it!


Product Spotlight: Southco AV Series Dynamic Mounts

Southco offers a variety of display mounts. Experience flexible position control, add refined movement and positioning to your application with ergonomic hinges, arms and display mounting solutions. With integrated positioning technology that allows for controlled operating efforts and precision control, the AV Series has a clean appearance and there’s no need for adjustment or maintenance. bisco industries is an authorized distributor of Southco.


AV – Tilt, Swivel and Swing Arm (A Series)


Check bisco inventory on AV – Tilt, Swivel and Swing Arm (A Series)

Southco’s Tilt, Swivel and Swing Arm (A Series) provides integrated positioning technology that enables the arm to function efficiently in applications needing a robust, stable solution. The constant-torque, user-friendly positioning features full tilt, swivel and swing out adjustments. Additionally, the arm can withstand touch forces, vibration and heavy loading. The A Series provides a clean, professional appearance with integrated wire management covers that eliminate a messy, time-consuming threading process.

AV – Tilt, Swivel Display Mount (K Series)


Check bisco inventory on AV – Tilt, Swivel Display Mount (K Series)

Southco’s Tilt and Swivel Display Mount (K Series) offers tilt and swivel functionality, allowing it to be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort. The K Series facilitates reliable, precise display positioning that prevents drift, with precision joints holding the mount in place. Once positioned, the display remains secure, without additional tightening, loosening or service. A tested, repeatable cycle life ensures reliable long-term use. The K Series allows the integration of easy and reliable display positioning in standard, as well as, more challenging applications.

AV – Tilt Mount (T Series)


Check bisco inventory on AV – Tilt Mount (T Series)

Southco’s Tilt Display Mount (T Series) provides integrated positioning technology with a tilt-only feature to suit different users and lighting conditions. The mount can be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort for precise positioning. Designed with or without a fully enclosed counterbalance spring, the T Series delivers effortless positioning and ease of cleaning. The T Series features proven integrated technology that eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment. The T Series enables effortless tilt positioning for customers requiring tilt-only functionality in their applications.

Your Top Source for Southco

bisco is a premier, authorized distributor for Southco offering you the expertise and inventory you need when you need it most. Our sales reps are local and capable of helping you find the right style, material, and finish for your application.

Pentair Introduces New High Thermal Performance Retainer Series and Newly Expanded High Clamp Force Family of Card Loks

Pentair has released a new Schroff retainer design-the Calmark High Thermal “HT” Card Lok and the newly expanded family of Calmark Series 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card Lok Retainers.

The 280HT Card Lok provides best-in-class thermal performance by up to 15 percent over similarly sized Card Loks.  The 280HT can do this by shortening the thermal path distance from the PCB to the cold wall through a unique design.

Unlike the traditional Card Lok, the 280HT Card Lok features solid brackets along the length of the Card Lok that provide a continuous and uniform surface along the printed circuit board, or heat frame, and the cold wall.  The internal geometry maximizes surface contact area while minimizing heat path distance from the board to the cold wall.  You can view data sheet, performance data, and CAD files here.

The newly designed 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card Lok Retainers provide an average of three times the clamping force of similarly sized Card Loks, meeting the growing demands of shock and vibration environments.  Its small and lightweight design provides industry-leading board retention that is ideal for defense, space and aerospace applications.  

bisco industries – Authorized Pentair Distributor

bisco is your local authorized distributor for Calmark card loks.  We also offer card guides and enclosure housings for your electronic system. Visit us online to spec in your part!

Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to managing your supply chain vendor managed inventory (VMI) can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Imagine reducing the cost of carrying inventory, replenishing stock automatically, and customizing packaging all in one solution. That’s just a flavor of what a customized VMI program from bisco industries can offer.

At bisco we customize each and every VMI program to meet the unique needs of your business and help you improve profit margins. Here are 3 popular VMI features to help you meet your business challenges: Read more…

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