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Product Spotlight: Pomona Banana Plugs and Jacks

Banana plugs are single conductor connectors used to carry DC and low-frequency signals and connect wires to equipment. Applications ranging from power supplies to multimeters typically use banana plugs. Standard banana plugs are only used for currents less than 33 volts since they have exposed metal parts. Sheathed banana plugs are rated for use with higher voltages, and are often used as multimeter test leads. Engineers and technicians use banana jacks on custom fixtures, early prototypes, and informal “one-off” projects.

Pomona Electronics – Premier Banana Plug Manufacturer

Pomona Electronics (Fluke) is a leading global manufacturer of banana plugs and jacks. Bisco is proud to be an authorized Pomona Electronics distributor and provides access to stock availability and special price requests at Learn more about Pomona’s banana plugs and jacks below.

Pomona Banana Plugs

Banana Plugs

Application: Used for DC and low frequency signals in prototyping, custom fixtures, and electronics.
Feature: Safety collar insulates wire leads.
Benefit: Safer, more secure, and simplified connections for the lead wires.

Pomona Dual Banana Plugs

Dual Banana Plugs

Application: Uses standard spacing for high and low signals from banana jacks.
Feature: Beryllium copper plug springs.
Benefit: Tight connections for a long service life, simplified connections.
Pomona Banana Jacks

Banana Jacks

Application: Used on custom fixtures, prototypes, or one-off projects. Designed for banana plugs.
Feature: Color-coded insulators isolate from panel.
Benefit: Allow color-coded test connections along with signal integrity

For more detailed technical information on Pomona banana plugs and jacks view the Pomona Electronics banana plugs and jacks catalog.

Applications, Features & Benefits of Pomona Cable Assemblies & Breakouts

Coaxial cable assemblies and breakouts are used for all types of applications including oscilloscopes, function generators, transmitters, antennae, and test fixtures.  Whether you’re a design engineer, manufacturing technician, computer hardware engineer, or aerospace engineer chances are you’ve used coaxial cable assemblies and breakouts. Pomona (a division of Fluke) offers a huge selection of cable assemblies and breakouts with almost every connector and clip combination making it easy to find a solution for your application! Learn more about a few of Pomona’s top products below.

BNC Cable Assemblies

BNC Cable Assemblies

Application:    Used to interconnect electronic systems, test equipment, subsystems up to 1 GHz.

Feature:    BNC plugs installed on cables with long strain reliefs.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables. Durability – longer life than the competition.

SMA & N Cable Assemblies

SMA & N Cable Assemblies

Application:    Carry higher frequencies to 10 GHz for radio, radar and microwave.

Feature:    Coax cables come with SMA and N connectors.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables.

Cable Breakouts


Application:    Carry higher frequencies to 10 GHz for radio, radar and microwave.

Feature:    Coax cables come with SMA and N connectors.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables.

Coaxial Cable with Banana Plugs

Coaxial Cable with Banana Plugs

Application:    Used to connect instruments or test fixtures with different inputs to each other.

Feature:    Banana plugs come installed on coax cables.

Benefit:    Convenience and improved ease of testing – equipment with BNCs connecting to DMMs.


Interested in learning more? Contact bisco’s e-commerce team for any inquiries or search by your Pomona part number on!

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