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Product Spotlight: Molex Unveils Impel Plus Backplane Connectors

Molex recently unveiled their new Impel Plus line of backplane connectors at the DesignCon Expo in Santa Clara, CA. The Impel Plus backplane connectors are engineered to upgrade Molex’s standard line of Impel backplane connectors, improving data speeds from 40 Gbps to 56 Gbps. The upgrade in connection speed will allow OEMs to avoid possible data slowdowns and prepare for future network upgrades.

Both Impel and Impel Plus connectors provide reliable data connections for optimal signal transmission. These backplane connectors are commonly utilized in applications such as network servers, medical devices, and aerospace electronics. Detailed product information and technical specs are available from Molex online.

bisco – Authorized Molex Distributor

bisco is an authorized Molex distributor and carries the full line of Molex connectors, cable assemblies, and wireless antennas. OEMs looking to purchase Impel and Impel Plus backplane connectors can visit to view online pricing and to request special quotes. Bisco offers competitive pricing, stock, and supply chain services to make procurement easy and cost effective. Visit today!

Molex Expands Offering of Military Grade Electronic Products

In a recent press release Molex announced an expanded product line of military grade electronic components to support manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industries. Molex’s growing selection of products for aerospace and defense is bolstered by its recent acquisition of Minnesota based manufacturer, Soligie. According to Molex regional sales manager, Jeff Brecker,

Military applications are some of the toughest faced by electronic products and it is vital that the installation and replacement of sensors, encoders, switches and other I/O devices are accomplished easily and reliably. As a leader in connectivity, Molex understands the necessity to offer a range of technical, manufacturing and electrical solutions unmatched in the industry. We can meet virtually any connector need with an off-the-shelf or custom product quickly and cost-effectively.

Molex expanded line of military grade products includes:

·         Ruggedized MT Optical Backplane Connectors

·         SMPM RF Connectors

·         SMP RF Connectors

·         Optical Assemblies & Adapters

Molex + bisco

Established in 1938, Molex is a global manufacturer of connectors, sockets/edge cards and cable assemblies. Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions helping design engineers create reliable, cost effective solutions for harsh military environments. bisco industries is proud to be a preferred distributor of Molex products. To find complete Molex product data and price and availability visit

Molex: Helping Technology Companies Push Boundaries

Molex’s History of Innovation

For decades Molex has been providing innovative solutions to the electronics industry. In fact, Molex products were essential to the first car radio, the first cellular phone and the first HDTV.  Molex began in 1938 with the invention of a moldable thermoplastic that founders, Frederick and Edwin Krehbiel, named Molex. In the years following the company expanded into the burgeoning consumer appliance industry.

Molex Today

Today, Molex has 45 manufacturing facilities across the world and an ever growing catalog of standard and custom products. Among Molex’s many products are terminals, terminal blocks, edge card connectors, board-to-board connectors, backplane connectors, cable assemblies, and antennas. Not only is Molex’s selection of electronic components unparalleled but they continue to invest in research and development to improve manufacturing efficiency while maintaining superior quality.

Your Source for Molex

bisco industries is a premier stocking distributor for Molex. We offer online pricing on hundreds of Molex items as well as a complete browseable listing of Molex products. Visit today to find the right Molex item(s) for your applicaiton.

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