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Achieving Traceability Through Product Labeling

What is Traceability?

Traceability is the ability to capture and chronologically interrelate uniquely identifiable entities. Traceability allows manufacturers, end users, and other supply chain members to tell from the part itself when and where the component was produced and who manufactured it.

In recent years traceability has become a buzzword among electronic manufacturers seeking to eliminate the presence of counterfeit components in the supply chain. In addition to combating counterfeit goods, traceability also goes a long way in preventing defects, recalls, and product returns.

Traceability Through Labeling

One of the most common ways to provide traceability is through accurate and thorough labeling. In fact, case studies have shown an 85% drop in customer returns simply by using labeling to fix traceability issues.

However, for many electronic components like PCBs, using labels for traceability can be difficult. For example, some labels may cause extreme heat reflow or high pressure in PCBs. Furthermore labels may not withstand industrial-strength wash processes. Since losing traceability is so costly, manufacturers need to be sure that they are using the right label for the job.

Labeling Solutions from Brady

Brady UltraTemp Polyimide labels are specifically designed to minimize heat reflow, withstand wash processes, and reduce electrostatic dissipation (ESD). Additionally, the UltraTemp Polyimide labels feature high smear and chemical resistance.

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Brady Absorbents: Keeping People & Spaces Safe

Brady Absorbents and Spill Containment

Brady’s SPC absorbents and spill containment products help you keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills, leaks, drips or other accidents. SPC absorbents can be utilized to clean up oil, water and chemical based spills. Options include traditional polypropylene or eco-friendly Re-Form™ absorbents and spill kits to help comply with the latest OSHA and EPA safety regulations.

Why Brady SPC Absorbents?

For over 30 years Brady SPC has been an industry leader in spill clean up and containment. As the video above demonstrates Brady continues to develop innovative and superior products. That’s why facilities around the world depend on SPC products everyday. Not only that but Brady offers extensive product information making it easy to select the right product for the job. Brady also helps keep costs manageable through their on-going lean initiatives that help offset raw material price increases.

Your Source for Brady

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