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Applications, Features & Benefits of Pomona Cable Assemblies & Breakouts

Coaxial cable assemblies and breakouts are used for all types of applications including oscilloscopes, function generators, transmitters, antennae, and test fixtures.  Whether you’re a design engineer, manufacturing technician, computer hardware engineer, or aerospace engineer chances are you’ve used coaxial cable assemblies and breakouts. Pomona (a division of Fluke) offers a huge selection of cable assemblies and breakouts with almost every connector and clip combination making it easy to find a solution for your application! Learn more about a few of Pomona’s top products below.

BNC Cable Assemblies

BNC Cable Assemblies

Application:    Used to interconnect electronic systems, test equipment, subsystems up to 1 GHz.

Feature:    BNC plugs installed on cables with long strain reliefs.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables. Durability – longer life than the competition.

SMA & N Cable Assemblies

SMA & N Cable Assemblies

Application:    Carry higher frequencies to 10 GHz for radio, radar and microwave.

Feature:    Coax cables come with SMA and N connectors.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables.

Cable Breakouts


Application:    Carry higher frequencies to 10 GHz for radio, radar and microwave.

Feature:    Coax cables come with SMA and N connectors.

Benefit:    Time savings with ready-to-use cables.

Coaxial Cable with Banana Plugs

Coaxial Cable with Banana Plugs

Application:    Used to connect instruments or test fixtures with different inputs to each other.

Feature:    Banana plugs come installed on coax cables.

Benefit:    Convenience and improved ease of testing – equipment with BNCs connecting to DMMs.


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