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Manufacturer Profile: Marathon Special Products

Marathon Special Products is a premier manufacturer of fuse holders, terminal blocks, and power blocks. Based in Bowling Green, Ohio , Marathon’s headquarters houses an extensive electrical test lab in addition to manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Marathon Special Products is a subsidiary of Regal Beloit and the owner of the Kulka brand of terminal blocks.

Since 1955, Marathon has been developing innovative solutions including streamlined molding, stamping, and assembly. In addition to innovative design and manufacturing Marathon has also gained a reputation for quality.  In fact, many of Marathon’s terminal and power blocks are NEMA and UL rated.  Marathon offers a broad range of terminal blocks, fuse holders, and power blocks with various styles, electrical ratings, and sizes to meet diverse application requirements.

Marathon electrical distribution products include:

Marathon Fuse Holder Styles

  • Photovoltaic Fuse Holders
  • T Class Fuse Holders
  • CC Class Fuse Holders

Marathon/Kulka Terminal Block Styles

Marathon Power Block Styles

  • NEMA Power Blocks
  • High Voltage (HVPB) Power Blocks
  • Enclosed Power Blocks (EPB)

bisco – Authorized Marathon Distributor

bisco industries is your local authorized supplier for Marathon products and Kulka brand terminal blocks.  bisco stocks a wide variety of Marathon terminal blocks and accessories including the military class 37TB, 38TB, and 39TB series terminal blocks. For technical specifications view the complete Marathon Catalog. For quotes and orders simply visit and search the Marathon part number.

The Technology Behind Your Daily Weather Forecast

The weather affects people significantly and in many instances, different weather conditions have a bearing on our day-to-day plans. Weather can impact people’s moods and even their overall health. Millions of people depend on daily weather reports and adjust their daily routines accordingly.

One of the main instruments used by meteorologists to forecast the weather is the barometer. Barometers’ measure the continually changing pressure in our atmosphere and helps us predict upcoming weather conditions.

History of the Barometer

The aneroid barometer patented in 1843 by French scientist, Lucien Vidie, utilizes a sealed flexible container to measure pressure. This tool, which was similar to an accordion, expanded or contracted depending on ambient pressures.

The barometer grew in popularity among meteorologists as they noted the correlation between atmospheric pressure and the weather. When used with a thermometer, barometers assist in creating weather predictions based on following patterns of high and low pressure systems. Barometric readings can indicate clear skies, high winds, snow, rainstorms, or sunny weather. Meteorologists compare the relative pressure changes in different areas, and make predictions using that information.

Modern Barometers

Today meteorologists rely on digital barometers. The concept is similar to that of earlier models, but digital barometers have electronic sensors to measure both pressure and altitude. These devices contain analog-to-digital converters, and their findings are shown on a digital display. Digital barometers can also be set to automatically record wind chill, the rate of barometric changes, and even temperatures. In order to collect and display such detailed weather information, modern barometers depend on components from Keystone Electronics. Keystone’s diverse product catalog includes fuse clips, fuse holders, battery clips, contacts, screws, panel hardware, mounting brackets, spacers, standoffs, plugs, pins and more.

Your Source for Electronic Components

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Keystone Electronics. Whether you’re working on a digital barometer or another electronic application, bisco offers the complete selection of electronic components you need. We have hundreds of Keystone products available for same day shipments from our six warehouses. In addition, we offer a variety of supply chain services so you can manage production schedules more efficiently. Simply visit to get instant online quotes and to learn more about optimizing your procurement process with bisco industries.

Thomas & Betts: Leading Innovation in Electrical Products

For over 100 years, Thomas & Betts has been a leading manufacturer of electrical products and accessories. Among Thomas & Betts’ many innovative solutions are Ty-Rap cable ties and Color-Keyed terminals. Thomas & Betts’ extensive product catalog includes terminals, ferrules, compression connectors, pin and sleeve connectors, cable ties, wire conduit, and ID labels. In fact, Thomas & Betts manufactures over 70% of the products used in a typical electrical application. Thomas & Betts not only offers a diverse product family but also unparalleled quality. Thomas & Betts’ products are manufactured following Lean Six Sigma techniques and many are UL Rated.

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Thomas & Betts. We have hundreds of Thomas & Betts terminals and cable ties available for same day shipments from our six warehouses. In addition, we offer a variety of supply chain services so you can manage production schedules more efficiently. Simply visit to get instant online quotes and to learn more about optimizing your procurement process with bisco industries.

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