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Manufacturer Profile: Acme Industrial

Founded in 1914, Acme Industrial began as a manufacturer of shaft seals, bushings, and pins.  In the following decades Acme’s manufacturing capabilities continued to expand and in 1988 Acme began manufacturing keylocking inserts.  Today, Acme is one of the leading manufactures of threaded inserts and keylocking inserts in the world. Acme produces a wide range of inserts that provide economical equivalents to manufacturers like Keensert (Alcoa) and Helicoil. In addition, many of Acme Industrial’s keylocking inserts are manufactured to military (Mil, MS) and aerospace (NAS, AS, AN) standards.

Top Selling Acme Industrial to Mil-Spec Equivalents

Acme inserts are machined from solid steel bars providing superior strength compared to coil inserts. Keylocking inserts also help reduce Foreign Object Debris (FOD) by not utilizing tangs for installation.


bisco: Your Authorized Source for Acme Inserts

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized Acme Industrial distributor.  We offer hundreds of Acme inserts in stock with cross equivalent information to mil-spec, Keensert, and Helicoil inserts. To find pricing, availability, and specification information on the entire catalog of Acme inserts visit bisco’s Acme Industrial microsite.

Replacing Metal with Plastic? Here’s a Solution for Weaker Threads

Maintaining Thread Strength in Plastic Parent Material

Today, manufacturers and design engineers are looking for alternative ways to decrease the cost, weight, and size of their parts. As a result, more and more companies are turning to plastic to replace heavier and more costly metal materials. Using plastic not only reduces the weight, but can also lower cost, and provide design flexibility. In fact plastic components manufactured using injection molding can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes to machine the same component from metal.

There are many pros and cons to using plastic as an alternative to metal, however one major drawback is weaker thread strength. This issue can be resolved with a product bisco industires is a franchised distributor for – KATO Tangless® CoilThread® inserts.

KATO CoilThread inserts are a helically-coiled fastener that can provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that exceed the strength of plastic parent materials. While made of metal, KATO CoilThread inserts weigh less and require the smallest boss diameter (minimum required material thickness around the insert) for a given size when compared to solid/brass inserts. KATO CoilThread inserts can be installed in any plastic material that can be tapped.

Bonus! Additional Cost Savings

KATO Tangless inserts have a drive notch at each end which eliminates the need for orientation thereby reducing overall installation time. In addition, KATO Tangless CoilThread inserts usually cost less than solid inserts! That means, you can reduce costs both by switching to plastic components and by securing them with KATO Tangless® CoilThread inserts. In fact, customer studies show that using KATO Tangless inserts can save from $0.15 – $0.50 per hole in labor costs.

Already working with plastic materials? bisco carries a large selection of tangless inserts and tools. Visit for more info on all KATO products!

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