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Manufacturer Profile: Cambion Electronics

Cambion Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical products including PCB pins, PCB sockets, and solder terminals. Based in the United Kingdom, Cambion was established in 1961 and manufactures components for use in the aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and transportation industries just to name a few. Cambion is ISO9001 certified. Cambion’s diverse manufacturing capabilities include molding, stamping, coil winding, and CNC machining.

Cambion’s Product Offering

  • Single Pole Sockets
  • Connector Pins
  • Solder Terminals
  • Spring Loaded Contacts
  • RF Chokes
  • Variable Coils

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Authorized Cambion Distributor

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Superior Press-Fit Pins & Receptacles from Mill-Max

Leading PCB interconnect manufacturer, Mill-Max, understands that quality is critical when it comes to printed circuit board connectors. That’s exactly why Mill-Max has designed its line of press-fit pins and receptacles to meet the highest industry standards.  Using proprietary manufacturing methods, pins and receptacles are high speed turned to meet precise tolerances and plated to ensure superior conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Mill-Max’s precision turned press-fit pins and receptacles offer many benefits over traditional stamped and formed connectors.

Benefits of Precision Turned Pins & Receptacles:

  • Seamless construction prevents contact contamination from wave or reflow soldering.
  • Specialized press-fit feature geometries – triangle, square, hexagon, octagon – to meet the hole size requirements of specific applications.
  • Lead-in countersinks on pin receptacles to facilitate pin alignment.
  • Pin and receptacle shells are brass alloy, 360 ½ hard, for strength, conductive and thermal properties.
  • Multi-finger beryllium copper contact clip scores the mating device lead for gastight electrical connection and provides best power and force distribution.
  • Two-piece receptacle construction (shell and contact clip) allows for cost efficient plating combinations for best solderability and conductivity.

Your Authorized Source for Mill-Max

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Review this handy whitepaper or check out Mill-Max’s product configurator.

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Keystone Electronics: It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Keystone Electronics is a premier manufacturer of electronic connectors and hardware. Keystone offers components such as battery clips, fuse holders, panel screws, terminals, spacers, standoffs, plugs, and test points. Not only does Keystone offer a wide selection of standard products but they also provide customer manufacturing capabilities. That means Keystone components are found in all types of applications from TVs to barometers. In addition, Keystone has invested heavily in top of the line precision machining and precision stamping equipment to keep quality high and costs low.

Your Local Keystone Distributor

bisco industries is a proud to be an authorized Keystone distributor. Whether you’re an engineer looking to design in components or a buyer looking to get parts on order bisco is here to make your life easier. We offer a complete catalog of Keystone products on our website as well as online pricing and ordering. bisco also has 46 facilities throughout North America staffed with knowledgeable sales people ready to serve you. Visit or contact our customer service team today!

Molex: Helping Technology Companies Push Boundaries

Molex’s History of Innovation

For decades Molex has been providing innovative solutions to the electronics industry. In fact, Molex products were essential to the first car radio, the first cellular phone and the first HDTV.  Molex began in 1938 with the invention of a moldable thermoplastic that founders, Frederick and Edwin Krehbiel, named Molex. In the years following the company expanded into the burgeoning consumer appliance industry.

Molex Today

Today, Molex has 45 manufacturing facilities across the world and an ever growing catalog of standard and custom products. Among Molex’s many products are terminals, terminal blocks, edge card connectors, board-to-board connectors, backplane connectors, cable assemblies, and antennas. Not only is Molex’s selection of electronic components unparalleled but they continue to invest in research and development to improve manufacturing efficiency while maintaining superior quality.

Your Source for Molex

bisco industries is a premier stocking distributor for Molex. We offer online pricing on hundreds of Molex items as well as a complete browseable listing of Molex products. Visit today to find the right Molex item(s) for your applicaiton.

Mill-Max Expands their Target Connectors Line

Mill-Max recently introduced a selection of new target connectors and pins. These components are used in place of SMT pads as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins on a PCB. The newly launched components are offered in .100” (2,54 mm) and 2 mm grid connectors as well as new discrete pins for a broad range of applications.

Combining target connectors with spring-loaded connectors on opposing boards can be an easy and convenient solution for making connections between stacked boards or docking stations and devices.

The new target connectors and pins are available with both through-hole and SMT terminations (SMT products are packaged on tape and reel).  This product family includes choices for connectors with flat or concave face contact surfaces. Concave face targets provide additional surface area for mating and can aid in centering/alignment of components and/or boards fitted with spring-loaded connectors.

As a complement to the existing .100” (2,54 mm) grid through-hole and SMT target connectors, Mill-Max has introduced three new series featuring targets with concave faces. These include single and double row through-hole and double row SMT connectors.

Completing the roll-out of new target components are four discrete target pins well suited for mating with Mill-Max’s larger spring-loaded pins such as the 0861-0 and 0871-0 which have .092” (2,34 mm) diameter plungers.  There are two through-hole pins, one with a flat contact surface and one with a concave contact surface.  These pins are characterized by a large .125” (3,17 mm) diameter face, a .120” (3,05 mm) above board height and a .030” (,76 mm) diameter tail.  The SMT pins have the flat contact surface and concave contact surface options along with the .125” (3,17) diameter face and .120” (3,05 mm) above board height.  These SMT pins are available in bulk or on tape and reel.

All the pins are RoHS compliant, precision-machined and gold-plated. These features ensure environmental protection, durability and excellent conductivity.  The connector insulators are molded from high temperature plastic suitable for most soldering processes including RoHS environments.

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