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Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to managing your supply chain vendor managed inventory (VMI) can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Imagine reducing the cost of carrying inventory, replenishing stock automatically, and customizing packaging all in one solution. That’s just a flavor of what a customized VMI program from bisco industries can offer.

At bisco we customize each and every VMI program to meet the unique needs of your business and help you improve profit margins. Here are 3 popular VMI features to help you meet your business challenges: Read more…

21 Value Added Services from bisco

bisco industries’ greatest strength is our customer service and local support. Our team is trained and equipped with solutions for problems that arise in every step of a products development and production.

Looking for a certain product specifications?

Bisco is an authorized, preferred source for the top manufacturers in the industry with access to spec sheets and technical support.

Ready to order?

bisco has 7 stocking warehouses throughout North America. Our relationship with our top supply partners allows us to receive price breaks that we pass on to our customers.

Still not convinced?

bisco industries, offers a wide range of value added services that will streamline your purchasing and supply chain operations. In fact, here are the top 21 value added services that we offer:

  1. Assembly
  2. Barcoding
  3. Bin Stocking
  4. Bonded Inventory
  5. Consignment Inventory
  6. Consolidated Billing
  7. Dock to Stock
  8. Drop Shipments
  9. Electronic File Sharing / EDI
  10. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  11. Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery
  12. KanBan
  13. Kitting
  14. Long Term Pricing
  15. One Stop Shopping
  16. Quality Control
  17. Rebate Program
  18. Schedule Sharing
  19. Special Packaging – Bag and Tag
  20. Special Payment Terms
  21. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Streamlining Barcode Inventory Systems

Barcoding has many benefits including, reducing human error, improving inventory tracking and expediting receiving and shipping processes. Once a bar coding system has been implemented the biggest challenge is ensuring that all products are labeled and labeled correctly. Accomplishing this can create bottlenecks in your receiving and warehousing departments. However, choosing the right supply partners can go a long way in eliminating these bottlenecks.

What if every product you received, regardless of manufacturer, already had your barcode label?

That’s exactly the type of time and money saving benefit that bisco industries offers.

How we do it:

  1. Our diverse supplier network means we can procure nearly any part from any manufacturer
  2. Our 7 stocking warehouses create barcoding labels to your specifications for all outgoing products.

bisco offers many other services including custom packaging and dedicated inventory. Learn more about bisco’s value added services by contacting a local bisco representative today.

Inventory Management by bisco

Overseeing the ordering, storage, and use of the components that your company utilizes is an imperative part of running an efficient business. A business’ inventory can either be a major asset or a major risk depending on how it’s managed. In fact mismanagement of inventory can result in grave financial consequences for an organization.

Plan for Success

Successful inventory management requires creating a comprehensive strategy. An inventory management program should track existing inventory, inventory usage, and forecasted demand in addition to alerting buyers when more inventory is required. By implementing an inventory management program buyers can ensure they receive the exact quantity, exactly when they need it.

bisco industries has designed and implemented many inventory management programs for our customers over the past 40+ years. Each program is custom designed to reduce the cost of purchasing, handling, and carrying inventory while ensuring the inventory you need is available when you need it. These services can work in conjunction with an auto replenishment service or as a standalone service.

Some of the more common inventory management services we offer include:
  • Dock To Stock
  • Bar Coding
  • Off Site Bins
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Kitting

Want more info? Contact a local bisco office or visit our supply chain management page.

Note to buyers: We have just updated our website with complete pricing and availability for Panduit, Southco, Essentra, and Hoffman. Get pricing and availability and place orders 24/7 at

Improving On-Time Delivery through Regional Warehousing

Did you know that bisco industries has six regional warehouses throughout North America which stock inventory from over 250 manufacturers? Our goal is to provide customers with local inventory that’s available for same day shipment and that meets the industry’s most stringent quality standards.  Our product managers constantly analyze our stock and usage trends to help you shorten lead times and lower costs by ensuring that we have the parts you need in stock.

Current Warehouse Locations:

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Dallas, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Toronto, Canada

The locations of each of our warehouses were selected with a specific objective in mind – for ground shipping to take three days or less regardless of our customers’ locations. To further this objective bisco will be opening a seventh stocking warehouse in Atlanta, GA by the end of August, 2015.

Streamlining Procurement Since 1973

At bisco we are constantly working to become an invaluable partner in your supply chain. We have hundreds of knowledgeable sales reps located in 46 facilities throughout North America ready to help you streamline your purchasing process. In addition, bisco offers a full service e-commerce website with online pricing and ordering. Visit or contact your local sales rep today!

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