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bisco to Exhibit at Medical Design & Manufacturing West

bisco industries is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) expo in Anaheim, CA. MD&M West will be held from February 9-11, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center. MD&M West is held in conjunction with the ATX West, Electronics West, Pacific Design & Manufacturing, Plastec West, and WestPack expos. The annual trade show attracts over 2000 exhibitors from around the world including leading manufacturers such as 3M, ABB, Carlisle Medical Technologies, and Flex (Flextronics). In addition to offering a chance to network with suppliers and clients, MD&M West provides educational seminars and training for professionals in the medical, automation, and packaging industries.

bisco’s 1st Year at MD&M West

bisco industries has partnered with two of our top authorized lines, Essentra and Unicorp, for MD&M West 2016 and will exhibiting at booth # 749. MD&M West 2016 marks the first time bisco has exhibited and is part of a strategic plan to expand bisco’s presence in the medical, automation, and packaging industries. We look forward to meeting with current and potential clients at MD&M West 2016. Be sure to visit bisco at booth # 749!


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Industry News Wrap-Up: November 7th-13th

Here’s a quick look at some of this week’s top events in for a few of bisco’s top industries.

Boeing & Lockheed Protest Northrop’s LRSB Contract

Boeing and Lockheed Martin have filed a formal protest against the award to of an $80 billion Long Range Strike Bomber contract to Northrop Grumman.  Although many of the complaints lodged by Boeing and Lockheed are long shots aerospace industry consultant Loren Thompson said that, “this protest has a real chance of winning and overturning the award”.  If overturned the contract would be a major embarrassment for the Air Force and the Pentagon, raising fundamental questions about their ability to make sound purchasing decisions.

Electronics 2020: What Will the Industry Look Like?

Printed Circuit Design & Fab editor, Mike Buetow, asked a number of leading electronics experts for their vision of how the design and manufacturing landscape will change in the future. Some of the challenges and opportunities facing the electronics manufacturing industry today include robots, DNA-based circuits, 3D printers and supply chain migration. Click to learn more about what the designers, fabricators, assemblers, and suppliers are saying about the state of electronics manufacturing in 2020.

Robot Salamander Helping Scientists Unlock Spinal Secrets

Created by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the salamander-like robot called Pleurobot is designed based on 3D X-ray videos of salamanders. These videos allowed engineers to create life-like locomotion especially in the movement of the spine. Researchers are utilizing the Pleurobot to better understand the development of the spine.

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Have you heard? It’s National Robotics Week!

National Robotics Week Highlights Advances in Robotics Technology

This week marks the 5th annual National Robotics Week. Founded to recognize and spur innovation in robotics technology, National Robotics Week is held during the second week of April each year. This year National Robotics Week will included over 250 events with universities and companies from around the country taking part. Among the events taking place this week are a Robot Block Party in Chicago, and a series of regional robotics competitions.

While National Robotics Week highlights many of the fun aspects of robotics such as the RoboGames combat competition it also displays the impact that robotics technology is having on industry. Take for example the latest robot unveiled by Boston based Rethink Robotics. Rethink’s new robot named Sawyer will join other robots in increasing efficiency in manufacturing and logistics processes. Rethink founder, Rodney Brooks, “explained that Sawyer is designed primarily for machine tending, circuit board testing, and other precise, repetitive tasks, specifically those that take place in the middle of a long assembly line of electronics products” (Source: IEEE Spectrum). Robots like Sawyer allow manufacturers cut costs and by speeding up production time while minimizing quality problems.

bisco industries is proud to be a partner in innovation for the robotics industry. We offer engineers and buyers a trusted source for the individual components that make robots like Sawyer possible. To learn more about bisco or to partner with us visit

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