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bisco Expands Online Catalog by Over 2.5 Million Products

Your One-Stop-Shop

Over the past six months bisco industries has added over 2.5 million products to its online catalog. The expansion of our online catalog provides engineers and purchasing agents with additional flexibility to find solutions for current and upcoming projects. Users can now search and filter newly added products by part number, product description, dimensions, and many other attributes.

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Sunon: Value & Innovation

Since 1980 Sunon has been providing value and innovation in thermal management. From its inception Sunon has concentrated on research and development gaining multiple patents and becoming the leading manufacturer of miniature cooling fans and blowers in the world. Among Sunon’s many groundbreaking accomplishments were the first magnetic levitation motor fan and innovative thermal modules for LED panels. Sunon continues to invest heavily in research and development, employing over 400 engineers and allocating a sizeable budget to research and development each year.

Sunon Thermal Management Products

  • Active Heat Sinks
  • AC Cooling Fans
  • DC Cooling Fans
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Fan Trays
  • Fan Guards & Accessories

Although Sunon offers a variety of thermal management products they are best known for their DC/AC fans which are widely used in personal computers and other electronic devices.  In addition to their standard product offering Sunon’s team of engineers enables them to offer custom solutions to meet specific application requirements.

Authorized Sunon Distributor

bisco industries is honored to be your local authorized Sunon distributor. bisco’s relationship with Sunon allows us to stock many popular DC/AC fans and also provide clients with special pricing.  To learn more about Sunon products or to search Sunon fans visit

What is a Heat Sink?

Ever wonder why your electronic devices don’t overheat? One of the primary reasons is heat sinks. Heat sinks work by spreading heat over wider area, allowing it to dissipate more quickly. All heat sinks are composed of bases and fins which can be fabricated in different shapes depending on the application requirements. The larger the protruding fins the greater the surface area from which heat can dissipate.

A heat sink’s performance depends on several factors including material, protrusion design (the shape and height of the fins), and surface treatment. When heat sinks are utilized without fans they are referred to as passive heat sinks. If fans and heat sinks are used in combination then the heat sinks are called active heat sinks. Heat sinks are typically categorized by the manufacturing method and function. Heat sinks are most commonly used in computers, but are also found in cell phones, refrigerators and many other electronic devices.


Leading Heat Sink Manufacturers

  • Aavid Thermalloy
  • Wakefield
  • Mersen
  • Sunon


To learn more about heat sinks read this helpful article from IHS Engineering360 or contact bisco’s industries’ customer support team. bisco’s team has a wealth of knowledge and access to resources from leading manufacturers including Aavid Thermalloy.

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