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What is a Test Point?

PCB Test Point Description

A test point is a small metal terminal used as a connection point to test circuitry on printed circuit boards (PCBs).  Typical PCB test points are wire formed loops surrounded by colored insulators. The insulator color allows the test points’ type or location to be mapped on the PCB, thereby streamlining the testing process. Test point loops allow for easy test connections using alligator clips, probes, and test hooks. More sophisticated test points may function as actual connectors allowing test leads to be plugged into the test point.  PCB test points are also known as test terminals, PCB mountable terminals, loop type terminals, and test sockets.

PCB Test Point Uses

  1. Test points are used to test PCB circuitry during manufacturing and assembly to ensure that equipment is working properly
  2. Test points are used to test circuitry during repair to pinpoint equipment failures

Test Point Configurations

Aside from the three primary styles of test points there are many test point configuration options to consider. These options include loop size, socket size, test point height, insulator material, test point material, test point finish, and insulator color.

PCB Test Point Manufacturers

Learn More About PCB Test Points

Learn more about PCB test points by reviewing these catalogs from Components Corp and Mill-Max.  To speak with a bisco product expert simply email us.

Manufacturer Profile: Abbatron

Abbatron is a leading manufacturer of electronic hardware and connectors and the owner of the HH Smith and GH Plugs brands. Abbatron’s facility boasts 26,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space allowing Abbatron to conduct a wide range of manufacturing processes. Abbatron’s manufacturing capabilities include stamping, molding, machine turning, machine grinding, machine drilling, and automated assembly.

Abbatron’s main objective is to deliver products of outstanding quality and dependability. In this effort Abbatron offers technical support for existing applications and design services to aid the alteration of existing assemblies or the creation of new custom products.

Abbatron’s Product Offering Includes:

  • Posts, Plugs, and Jacks
  • Test Leads and Patch Cords
  • Spacers and Standoffs
  • Bumpers, Grommets, and Hole Plugs
  • Audio Connectors

bisco – Authorized Abbatron Distributor

bisco industries is a franchised Abbatron distributor, carrying the full line of Abbatron spacers, standoffs, plugs, jacks, test leads, and audio connectors. To find pricing, availability, and place orders for Abbatron products visit

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