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Molex: One Company – A World of Innovation

Molex is a global manufacturer of electronic components providing innovative solutions to end users in the consumer electronics, military/aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial automation industries. Molex boasts 45 manufacturing facilities around the world with capabilities to produce everything from miniature connectors to large cable assemblies. Molex offers a wide variety of standard electronic components as well as the ability to manufacturer custom solutions to meet the most challenging applications.

Molex Catalog Products Include:

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Wireless Antenna Solutions from Molex

Need cost-effective wireless antenna solutions while ensuring quick time-to-market? Molex designs, develops and manufactures custom antennas and antenna assemblies for wireless applications. Molex supports a wide range of communication technologies including cellular, UMTS, WiFi, WIMAX, Bluetooth, GPS, and others.

Molex uses the state-of-the-art technology, and a combination of its latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration to deliver products of the highest quality, reliability and performance. Molex internal antenna products are used widely mobile phones and other products. Other antenna technologies include:

  • Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology
  • Standard Antennas
  • MediSpec™ MID/LDS Capabilities
  • Flex PCB Antenna Technology
  • MobliquA™ Antenna Technology
  • RF/Microwave Products
  • 3-D Custom Circuitry with MID/LDS Technology
  • Wireless Power Coils now has complete product data on Molex antennas and many other Molex products. Visit to find the exact antenna for your application!

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