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ANAHEIM, CALIF-For 40 years, bisco industries has strived to become the leading distributor of electronic components and fasteners with one of the largest and most diverse stock inventories in North America. With the new addition of A. Raymond Tinnerman, bisco industries is proud to expand their capabilities and product line.

Don Wagner, President and COO of bisco industries, states, “bisco is excited about the partnership with Tinnerman, we look forward to distributing product for such a longstanding and prestigious company.”

A. Raymond Tinnerman, a division of the A. Raymond Network, engineers and manufactures fasteners that provide a reliable way of attaching panels, components and wiring to improve quality and reduce assembly cost. A. Raymond Tinnerman products have been used in many markets. Such as, multiple areas within the industrial market, including white goods, the toy and furniture industries, and lawn and garden equipment

 With the addition of A. Raymond Tinnerman to their catalog, bisco industries have greatly improved their position in the distribution of electronic components.

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