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Counterfeit Iphone Chargers are Endangering Lives

Counterfeit Iphone chargers are endangering lives
Counterfeit products are a $250 billion a year business. When it comes to certain products, counterfeits can be extremely dangerous and deadly. Counterfeit clothes may not seem like a big deal and some may not think that counterfeit electronics are either.  There seems to be the thought that you are simply paying for the brand name because both products have equal quality and safety. The truth is much different.

One of the areas where the dangers are becoming very evident is in counterfeit iPhone chargers that are being sold worldwide. These products have caused burns, fires, and even electrocution.  The average unit made by Apple has 60 individual parts with most counterfeits having less than 30. Consumers need to be very strict in only buying authentic products from authorized sources for their safety and others.

bisco industries takes pride in being an authorized Molex distributor. Molex makes a wide variety of connectors and parts but one of their well-known uses is on the iPhone and other authentic Apple products. Through bisco industries association with companies like Molex they are doing their part in keeping people safe from potentially dangerous counterfeit parts. See bisco industries full Molex line at… .

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