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Where To Find Heyco Universal Strain Relief Bushings

Snap-In Strain Relief Bushing Features

bisco industries is an authorized distributor of Heyco snap-in universal strain relief bushings for 1/2″ electrical knock-out holes. Heyco’s USR 400 and USR 401 snap-in universal strain relief bushings fit the widest range of cable sizes in the industry. In addition, each strain relief can be secured in place using the captive screw provided. The captive screw meets European standards which require that strain reliefs remain attached to the panel during cable removal or replacement.

Furthermore, the nylon 6/6 USR 400 and 401 snap-in strain relief bushings are UL rated under file E103540 and certified by the Canadian Standards Association under file 81067. They have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a temperature range of -.04°F (-18°C) to 221°F (105°c).

Installing Snap-In Strain Relief Bushings:

Installation is easy:  fingertip pressure locks the bushing into .875″ (22,2 mm) diameter holes in panels up to .125″ (3,2mm) thick. Reinforcing ribs provide extra strength and the bell mouth contour (radiused at 1.5x the exit hole diameter) eliminates the need for a separate cord guard.  Heyco snap-in strain relief bushings protect cables against forces of pull, push, twist, and flex.

Where Get Pricing & Find Associated Products

bisco industries not only offers Heyco strain relief bushings but also liquid tight cordgrips, grommets, liquid tight flexible conduit, caps, plugs, and solar power components. Contact your local bisco office or go to receive instant pricing and availability on Heyco products.

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