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Supply Chain Continuity: Diminishing the Risk of Shortages

Technology + Personal Service = Supply Chain Optimization

bisco industries is uniquely positioned to support supply chain continuity by monitoring industry wide stock levels to make sure you have the parts you need for production. This is made possible by bisco’s growing customer base which includes clients in the aerospace, industrial, medical, electronics, and telecom industries. Furthermore bisco’s wide ranging product catalog allows us to monitor demand for all types of items from rivets to power supplies.

bisco utilizes a proprietary system that identifies changes in stocking levels throughout the industry for high-use products. Using this data we are able to adjust stocking packages and alert customers to changes in demand. In addition to our digital monitoring systems, bisco’s extensive sales force works to identify and set custom inventory levels for high-risk items within customers’ production lines. Once an item is identified, customized inventory levels can be set for up to 18 months’ worth of product.

To learn more about reducing the risk of shortages by partnering with bisco talk with your local sales rep or visit today!

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