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Connecting You to Innovation: Molex Board-to-Board Connectors

Over the past decade the demand for mobile electronic devices has exploded. Smart phones and tablets are now common place and smart watches are leading the next wave of innovation. Behind these devices that transform the way we live and work are a variety of cutting edge components. Molex’s SlimStack connectors are one example of the innovative items being used in mobile devices. In addition to mobile devices SlimStack connectors are utilized in other demanding applications such as surgical equipment and systems monitoring equipment.

Molex SlimStack Connector Specs

Molex’s SlimStack connectors provide high-speed board-to-board connectivity with speeds of up to 20 Gbps. Pitch sizes range from 0.35 to 1.00mm and the number of circuits range from 6 to 240. To learn more view the SlimStack board-to-board connector information sheet.


bisco industries: Your Local Stocking Distributor for Molex Connectors

Whether you’re looking for samples for a prototype, technical product assistance, or pricing and availability bisco industries is your premier source for Molex. Browse, filter, and search a complete list of SlimStack connectors and other Molex products at

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