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Increase Profits with Value Added Services

bisco industries, offers a wide range of value added services that will streamline your purchasing and supply chain operations. These services can lower your purchasing, receiving, and accounting costs drastically, while allowing your employees to concentrate on more important job functions. Whether your company uses an MRP, KanBan, or a Just-In-Time system, bisco industries can integrate a value added program to save your company time and money. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are unique to your organization and we tailor our programs to meet your requirements.

To save time on your assemblies, bisco industries can work with you to pre-assemble product at our facility. bisco industries knows time equals money and with assembly done at our facility, we can help your company be more efficient resulting in increased profits. In addition, our bin stocking service is tailored to you. Whether you rely on the common milkman bin stock service, bar code bin stock service, off-site bin stock service, or something custom designed, bisco industries has the experience to support your needs.

Call your local sales office for more details about setting up a value added service package with bisco.

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