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How Ergonomic Components Enhance Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace Industry Focused on Lightweight Design

Many aircraft original equipment manufacturers are concentrating efforts on stripping weight out of everything from the aircraft bodies to passenger seating.  With new developments in technology and design and increasing demand for improved performance at reduced costs, locating and utilizing the most efficient, lightweight parts is more important than ever. However, utilizing lightweight materials in certain applications can come with its own set of challenges. For example, design engineers working on aircraft interior applications must replace traditional materials with lightweight materials without sacrificing quality or end user comfort. One way, engineers are overcoming this obstacle is by using lightweight positioning solutions on interior cabin applications, like food trays, inflight entertainment systems, interior doors and panels.

Lightweight positioning solutions provide ergonomic functionality for passengers as well as crew members and maintenance personnel. Passenger comfort and usability can be greatly increased by using ergonomic torque hinges and display mounts that provide a full range of motion. Not only do lightweight positioning solutions enhance ergonomic functionality for passengers but they also promote fuel efficiency thereby reducing costs in the long run.

Southco: The Trusted Leader in Lightweight Positioning Solutions

Southco is the industry leader in “lightweighting” latch, handle, hinge and display mount designs and bisco industries is a premier authorized distributor for Southco. To learn more about how Southco ergonomic hinge and display mount solutions are helping to increase aircraft efficiency download Southco’s Aerospace Positioning Solutions Industry Report.

Know which part you need or still specing in an item? Southco’s microsite on allows you to search by product number or product type. bisco’s e-commerce website also provides online quoting and purchasing for your convenience. Visit today!

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