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Predictive Systems Set To Become Rail Industry Norm

Did you know that in 2014 American freight railroads spent $28 billion on infrastructure and equipment? That number is only expected to increase this year with an anticipated spend of $29 billion. Most of the yearly spend is allocated towards routine maintenance repair and operations (MRO) to make certain that the railroad systems are operating at the safest and most efficient levels.

Safety Concerns Spur Equipment Upgrades

A major Amtrak passenger train derailment in Philadelphia this past May caused the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to issue a safety advisory. The FRA recommended that all railroads utilize Automatic Train Control (ATC), a technology that alerts trains that appear to be travelling at excessive speeds. The FRA hopes that ATC implementation will encourage railroads to reduce train speeds as they approach bridges and curves thus reducing the number of accidents.

While ATC is recommended, Positive Train Control (PTC) takes train monitoring and control to the next level. PTC is a sophisticated, predictive system with highly advanced technologies designed to prevent accidents. Recently there has been a big push for passenger lines or trains carrying hazardous materials to implement PTC technology. In fact, the Association of American Railroads reports that by the end of 2015 39% of locomotives will be PTC equipped.

A Reliable Supplier for ATC & PTC Upgrades

As rail companies look to implement ATC and PTC systems, they will face the challenge of finding reliable suppliers who can meet quality standards and need dates. bisco industries is uniquely positioned to assist rail companies looking to upgrade their control systems. bisco is an authorized distributor for over 150 manufacturers including industry leaders such as Panduit, ABB, and Southco. In addition to its broad manufacturer base, bisco offers extensive stock, local service, and e-commerce ordering.  In fact, bisco recently launched updated online pricing and ordering for thousands of Panduit items including grounding connectors such as E style connectors, and cross connectors.  Visit or contact a local bisco rep to find the products you need for your ATC or PTC upgrade.

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