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bisco Sponsors 2015 Stanford Solar Car Project

bisco industries is proud to be sponsoring the 2015 Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP). Established in 1989 the project is a student run non-profit working to develop sustainable solar technologies. This year the SSCP will be participating in the World Solar Challenge, a 2000 mile solar car race across the Australian Outback. The 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will take place October 18th through 25th.

Solar Car Unveiling

The Stanford Solar Car Project is set to unveil, Arctan, their latest completely solar powered vehicle today (July 10, 2015).  Arctan is the twelfth solar car that SSCP has developed since its inception and utilizes the latest technologies “to push the boundaries of efficiency, performance, and reliability”.  Nearly fifty students volunteered thousands of hours to design and build Arctan.

Investing in the Future

bisco industries serves manufactures across the electronics and solar industries through our full-service e-commerce website and team of over 300 locally-based salespeople. bisco’s integral involvement in these industries drives our commitment to supporting the growth and education of future engineers. bisco wishes the SSCP team success in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!

Stay tuned to bisco’s blog for updates on the SSCP team over the coming months.

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