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Molex Sealed Connector System For Automotive Applications

Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including: data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace and defense, medical, and lighting. Their newly developed MXP120 sealed connector system for automotive applications is the ideal system for powertrain and body electronics as well as safety applications. The connectors come in two colors distinguishing the type of application it is being used for. Connectors and receptacles with yellow outer housings are designed for safety applications while the connectors and receptacles with black other housings have been designed for non-safety powertrain and body electronics applications. Automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers can use MXP120 devices to replace 1.50mm terminal connections in space-constrained applications.

MXP120 Sealed Connectors and Receptacles Benefits Include:

  • A single-wire-seal (SWS) connection system with a strong perimeter seal that is IPX8 rated to endure high-pressure spray environments (IPX9K) under certain conditions.
  • Compatibility with AK and USCAR interfaces.
  • A design that uses the worldwide AK cavity definition, ensuring global acceptance and marketability.
  • Meets power requirements up to 13.0A. now has complete product data on the MXP120 line and all other Molex connectors. Visit to find the exact MXP120 configuration for your application!

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