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Industry News Wrap-Up: 11/30 – 12/4

Here are a few of the top news stories from the week. Check bisco’s blog each Friday for our weekly industry news wrap-up.

Cause of December 2014 AirAsia Crash Announced

A new report from the National Transport Safety Committee released this week revealed that defective equipment was major factor in the crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501. The BBC reported that the investigation determined that “the soldering on a tiny electronic part in the system that controlled the rudder was cracked, causing it to send four warning signals to the pilots”. The crash once again highlights the importance of regular maintenance as well as proper flow down and testing during manufacturing.

Porsche to Launch Electric Sports Car

As world leaders meet in Paris to address climate change, Porsche has announced that it will invest one billion euros in an electric sports car. Dubbed the “Mission E”, the sports car will rival Tesla with 600 horsepower and a 310 mile range.  Porsche’s investment will likely spur growth in the electronic and electrical manufacturing industries.

MFG Day Changing Perception of Manufacturing in North America

Research from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute shows that MFG Day 2015 reached over 400,000 participants and is helping to shape perception of manufacturing in North America. According to the research 81% of participants are “more convinced manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding” and 62% of participants are “more motivated to pursue a career in manufacturing”.


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