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What is a Grabber Catch Latch?

A grabber catch latch is a push-to-close style latch which locks when the hooked keeper is inserted into the catch and the cam rotates into the hook of the keeper creating the necessary tension to secure the latch in place. Grabber catch latches are typically actuated (unlocked) using electronic switches or pressure (pushing or squeezing the latch to release the cam). Grabber catch latches can be used on swinging or sliding doors and can be mounted to any orientation as long as the keeper and catch orientation correspond.

What is a Grabber Catch Latch


Advantages of Grabber Catch Latches

  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Extra closure force which minimizes space between the door and panel

Grabber Catch Latch Applications

  • Automotive, Passenger Vehicles, Trucks
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Exhibits/Signs
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Vending Machines

Learn More About Grabber Catch Latches

One of the leading manufacturers of grabber catch latches in the world today is Southco. Southco offers a variety of grabber latch configurations including microswitch actutation and snap-in and side-mount installation. To learn more about grabber catch latches and to configure products view Southco’s grabber catch latch catalog. Popular Southco grabber catch latches include the C3-303, C3-310, and C3-810 latches.


Still have questions? bisco’s product support team is standing by to answer your questions. Just send us an email.

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