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What is a Precision Shoulder Screw?

Precision Shoulder Screw Description

Like other shoulder screws, precision shoulder screws have an unthreaded shaft (shoulder) between the head and the threaded section of the screw shank.  The shoulder allows slight movement of the fastened material while maintaining alignment with the parent material. In addition, precision shoulder screws must be installed in pre-drilled holes because they lack the tapered shanks needed for self-threading. Precision shoulder screws are set apart from traditional shoulder screws because of tighter tolerances which make them ideal for delicate applications.

Shoulder Screw Diagram


Precision Shoulder Screw Configurations

Precision shoulder screws come in a variety styles and sizes. Key features to consider include head style, shoulder length, shoulder diameter, thread size, thread length, thread neck size (the undercut between the shoulder and the thread), material, and finish.

Precision Shoulder Screw Applications

  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Laboratory Instruments

Precision Shoulder Screw Manufacturers

Learn More About Precision Shoulder Screws

To learn more about precision shoulder screws and to configure items checkout these helpful resources from PIC Design and RAF. Have questions? As always, bisco’s product support team is standing by to assist you.

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