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What is a Butt Splice?

Butt Splice Description

Despite their humorous name, butt splices are essential and widely utilized electrical connectors. In their most basic form butt splices are tubular metal connectors used to connect (splice) or terminate wire endings by crimping or soldering. Butt splice connectors may be used to repair damaged wiring, to increase overall wire length, to securely terminate wires, or to split from a single wire to multiple wires.

Although butt splices are available uninsulated many butt splices feature nylon or vinyl insulators that protect connections from environmental hazards and prevent short circuiting. In addition, most butt splice connectors utilize crimping thus eliminating the safety hazards and time constraints of soldering.

Butt Splice Manufacturers

  • Burndy
  • Molex
  • Panduit
  • TE Connectivity
  • Thomas & Betts

Configuring Butt Splices

Butt splice connectors are available in many sizes, materials, and colors to suit your application requirements. To assist you in finding the best splice connector for for your application butt splice manufacturer, Panduit, offers a detailed catalog. Click to view Panduit’s butt splice catalog. To receive additional support or to request butt splice samples contact a bisco product specialist.

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