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What is Wiring Duct?

About Wiring Duct

Wiring ducts are plastic or metal troughs used to organize and protect wire and cable. Wiring ducts are designed with the purpose of easily allowing the organization, pulling, and separation of cables. Wiring ducts are commonly referred to by many other names including wire troughs, wire raceways, wire channels, and wire tracks.

Wiring Duct Features

Wiring ducts come in solid wall, round hole and slotted wall varieties. The round hole and slotted options typically come with rounded edges to protect wires from cuts and abrasions. In addition, round hole and slotted wiring ducts facilitate easy entry and exit of cables in applications that require breakouts in wire routing. Solid wall wiring duct is used for sensitive cables that need to be protected from dust, debris and other outside contaminants that threaten the cable integrity. Wiring ducts are are also available in rigid or flexible styles.

Wiring Duct Applications

Wiring ducts are utilized for a wide variety of applications such as electrical enclosures, industrial machinery, and data/communication panels and closets. Wiring ducts are typically installed using adhesives or threaded fasteners such as machine screws or rivets.

Wiring Duct Manufacturers

  • Essentra
  • HellermannTyton
  • Panduit
  • Thomas & Betts
  • TE Connectivity

Configuring Wiring Duct

When it comes to wiring duct there are many options from material to mounting style. DIN rail mounted wing duct may be a great choice for some applications but not feasible for others. To help users configure products for their particular applications wiring duct manufacturers Thomas & Betts and Panduit, both offer extensive catalogs. As always bisco product specialists are also standing to by to assist you with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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