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What is a Strain Relief?

Strain Relief Description

Strain reliefs or strain relief bushings, like their moniker suggests, offer support and relieve strain to areas of cables that are prone to cracking or breaking due to frequent movement. Effective strain reliefs prevent any electrical loads applied to the cable from being transferred to conductor terminations. Also called bend reliefs, strain reliefs are integral part of electrical reliability in products and ensure overall performance.

Strain Relief Applications

Strain reliefs are often attached to a plug or connector that connects a wire to an electrical outlet. Strain reliefs may also be used at contact points or bends in the wire to prevent wear and tear on cables. Many strain reliefs have a series of ridges which allow for greater flexibility at vulnerable areas of cables or cords. It should be noted though, that strain reliefs are extremely customizable and most manufacturers can design them to meet the requirements of the end product.

Strain Relief Manufacturers:

  • Altech
  • Amphenol
  • Heyco
  • Molex
  • TE Connectivity

Learn More About Strain Reliefs

bisco industries is a premier source for all of your cable protection needs including strain reliefs. If you’re interested in learning more about strain reliefs check out this helpful brochure from Heyco or visit our Heyco strain relief product page.

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