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Product Spotlight: Southco E3 – VISE ACTION Compression Latches

bisco is proud to now offer Southco’s VISE ACTION® compression latches. Southco’s VISE ACTION® series is designed for quick, secure closure in applications where vibration, sealing, and quality are required.

The smooth operation of the VISE ACTION® design aligns the pawl behind the frame and draws it up tight with a single continuous half-turn motion. Its compression action provides consistent 6.4 mm (.25″) pull-up for environmental sealing in gasketed applications, and helps reduce or eliminate noise and rattles caused by vibration. Over-center latching resists accidental opening due to shock or vibration. Actuators are styled to match other Southco access hardware and provide a consistent look when multiple styles are used in an application.

E3 Compression Latch Features

  • Six body styles accommodate various door/panel thicknesses, grip ranges, actuator styles, and interior protrusion
  • Easy-to-grip knob and handle-actuated styles provide quick, simple access
  • More than 45 key-actuated and tool-actuated styles restrict access and discourage vandalism
  • Low-profile and flush-mount styles minimize protrusion above panel
  • Available in fixed-grip and adjustable grip versions
  • Many models suitable for NEMA 4 and IP-65 applications
  • Single-hole mounting styles provide for convenient installation
  • Compact version with shortened housing for limited space applications

Your Top Source for Southco

bisco is a premier, authorized distributor for Southco, offering you the expertise and inventory you need when you need it most. Find the right latch style, material, and finish for your application by searching bisco’s website or by contacting your local bisco rep. Check bisco inventory on Southco E3 – VISE ACTION® Compression Latches and find other compression latch styles at

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