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bisco Expands ESNA Lock Nut Online Catalog

bisco industries is excited to announce that we have expanded our online catalog of ESNA lock nuts. bisco’s expanded ESNA catalog includes data such as material, finish, thread size, and other relevant dimensions to facilitate easy design-in and confident purchasing.    

ESNA’s online product catalog includes:

About ESNA

ESNA is the original leader in self-locking fasteners and has built a reputation for delivering quality self-locking nuts to meet the most demanding aerospace, military, and industrial applications. In fact, many ESNA nylon insert lock nuts, all metal lock nuts, and nylon cap nuts meet meet Military Standard (MS) and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) specifications. ESNA’s significant U.S. based manufacturing capabilities allow them to ensure quality and also produce custom designs in tight time frames.

Your Local Supply Chain Partner

Whether you’re looking to design-in products or sourcing for a production buy look no further than bisco industries. bisco is an authorized distributor for over a 150 manufacturers including ESNA. In addition, bisco has 48 local facilities across North America as well as full e-commerce capabilities. Visit today to for convenient, fast service.

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