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Industry News Wrap-Up January 3-8, 2016

Consumer Electronics Show 2016

This week was all about the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As always the show was a chance for electronics manufacturers to showcase the latest and most innovative products coming to market. The show started January 6th and runs through January 9th. CES 2016 highlights included:

LG Rollable OLED Display

LG’s Rollable OLED Display

LG”s paper thin 18 inch display features 1200×810 HD resolution and can be safely rolled to a radius of 3cm.  LG hopes to bring rollable displays as large as 55 inches to market in near future.  Learn more

ili Translator - CES 2016

Ili Translator

Ili is a wearable translation device that translates conversations in real time. Users speak into the device, Ili translates the phase and outputs the phrase in the selected language through built-in speakers.  Ili uses a library of around 50,000 words and phrases and offers translation in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Learn more

DAQRI Smart Helmet - CES 2016

DAQRI Smart Helmet

Designed for construction and industrial workers, the DAQRI smart helmet offers augmented reality to help workers solve complex problems. One of the key features of the DAQRI helmet is X-ray like vision that allows users to see inside objects using diagrams and drawings. Learn more


bisco is proud to supply the building blocks of innovation to manufacturers across the consumer electronics industry. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of technology with our clients in 2016.

Industry News Wrap Up: December 14-18, 2015

Here’s a look at a couple of the top stores in the aerospace, semiconductor, and consumer electronics industries this past week.

Vehicle Charging Expected to Boost Semiconductor Industry

IHS Technology reported that semiconductor industry revenues attributed to vehicle charging stations reached $44 million in 2014 and are expected to reach $233 million by 2019. The push towards sustainable technology will continue to present opportunities to supply chain members in the semiconductor and electronics industries in the coming years.

Apple Names New COO

On Thursday, Apple announced that company veteran Jeff Williams will become the next COO. Williams joined Apple in 1998 as head of worldwide procurement and in 2004 he was named VP of Operations. Williams played a key role in Apple’s entry into the mobile phone market with the launch of iPhone® and Apple’s first wearable product, Apple Watch®.

China Southern Airlines Commits to Purchase 100+ Boeing Planes

China Southern Airlines has committed to purchase 30 Boeing 737NGs and 50 737 MAXs, valued at $8.4 billion. Its Xiamen Airlines subsidiary will also be purchasing 30 737 MAXs. According to China Southern, Boeing will take back thirteen 757s and three 737-300s as part of the agreement.


bisco industries is proud to serve clients in the aerospace, semiconductor, and electronics industries. Stay tuned to bisco’s blog each week for updates on the latest industry news.

Industry News Wrap Up: December 7-11, 2015

We’re wrapping up the second week of the last month of the calendar year. Here’s a look at a couple of the top stores in the aerospace and electronics industries this past week.

Boeing Unveils its Newest Airliner – The 737 MAX

This past Tuesday, December 8th, Boeing rolled out the newest edition of their 737 model plane. The Boeing 737 MAX was revealed in an employee-only event at the Boeing 737 Factory in Renton, WA.  The aircraft is being prepared for its first flight early in 2016 and its first customer deliveries in the third quarter of 2017. Southwest Airlines, known for operating almost exclusively on 737’s will be the first customer to receive their delivery. Some of the most notable improvements on the 737 MAX are the 20% increase in fuel efficiency and the 14% decrease in operation costs.

Samsung to Join Automotive Industry with Electronic Parts

One of South Korea’s largest electronics players is entering into the ever-growing industry of smart mobility. Samsung will initially build products for infotainment and autonomous driving vehicles. Samsung is the latest to enter the market along with Apple, Google, and LG Electronics. Currently there are between 80 to 100 processors in a vehicle depending on its sophistication; as regulations mandating certain technologies become more prevalent, this number is likely to increase. According to recent reports, this market (composed of automotive software, services and components) is worth an estimated $500 billion. A Thomson Reuters report shows that Samsung has been investing in automotive electronics R&D since as early as 2010. In the future, vehicles will likely have the ability to communicate with one another as well as larger infrastructures.


bisco industries is proud to serve clients in the aerospace and electronics industries. To learn more about bisco and our services visit

The Technology Behind Your Daily Weather Forecast

The weather affects people significantly and in many instances, different weather conditions have a bearing on our day-to-day plans. Weather can impact people’s moods and even their overall health. Millions of people depend on daily weather reports and adjust their daily routines accordingly.

One of the main instruments used by meteorologists to forecast the weather is the barometer. Barometers’ measure the continually changing pressure in our atmosphere and helps us predict upcoming weather conditions.

History of the Barometer

The aneroid barometer patented in 1843 by French scientist, Lucien Vidie, utilizes a sealed flexible container to measure pressure. This tool, which was similar to an accordion, expanded or contracted depending on ambient pressures.

The barometer grew in popularity among meteorologists as they noted the correlation between atmospheric pressure and the weather. When used with a thermometer, barometers assist in creating weather predictions based on following patterns of high and low pressure systems. Barometric readings can indicate clear skies, high winds, snow, rainstorms, or sunny weather. Meteorologists compare the relative pressure changes in different areas, and make predictions using that information.

Modern Barometers

Today meteorologists rely on digital barometers. The concept is similar to that of earlier models, but digital barometers have electronic sensors to measure both pressure and altitude. These devices contain analog-to-digital converters, and their findings are shown on a digital display. Digital barometers can also be set to automatically record wind chill, the rate of barometric changes, and even temperatures. In order to collect and display such detailed weather information, modern barometers depend on components from Keystone Electronics. Keystone’s diverse product catalog includes fuse clips, fuse holders, battery clips, contacts, screws, panel hardware, mounting brackets, spacers, standoffs, plugs, pins and more.

Your Source for Electronic Components

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Keystone Electronics. Whether you’re working on a digital barometer or another electronic application, bisco offers the complete selection of electronic components you need. We have hundreds of Keystone products available for same day shipments from our six warehouses. In addition, we offer a variety of supply chain services so you can manage production schedules more efficiently. Simply visit to get instant online quotes and to learn more about optimizing your procurement process with bisco industries.

EDS 2015 Preview

EDS 2015 is just around the corner. This year EDS will be hosted at The Mirage Las Vegas from May 12-15. As always EDS 2015 will be a great opportunity for the key players in the electronics industry to form relationships that will drive the industry forward. EDS includes electronic component manufacturers and distributors as well as other suppliers (i.e. third party logistics).

Highlights from the EDS 2015 schedule:

  • Fast Forward Kick-Off Reception: May 12th, 4:30-6:00pm – This years’ kick-off reception features keynote speaker Grant Imahara. Grant Imahara is a well-known electrical engineer who has enjoyed success working for Luscasfilm THX, and the TV show, MythBusters.
  • Manufacturer-Distributor-Reps Meetings: Ongoing – These invitation only meetings are the core of EDS and offer opportunities for supply chain partners to connect and plan for the future.
  • ECIA and ERA All Industry Breakfast: May 14th, 6:45-8:00am – Hosted by two of the industries’ leading associations this breakfast focuses on the economic outlook for the electronics industry.

Our team here at bisco industries is excited to once again participate in EDS. This year bisco will be represented by Don Wagner (President/COO), Zach Ceiley (VP of Sales & Marketing), Courtney Cresap (Director of Purchasing), Robert Rist (Northern Regional Manager), Tara Boris (Marketing Project Manager), and multiple Product Managers. We look forward to reconnecting with our current supply partners as well as forging new relationships. Here’s to another great EDS! Cheers!

Wearable Devices = Big Opportunity for Electronic Manufacturers

Major Growth in Wearable Electronic Sales Predicted for 2015

A recently released study from the International Data Corp. (IDC), has forecasted that vendors will ship a total of 45.7 million units in wearable electronics in 2015. This figure is up 133.4% from the 19.6 million units that were report to have shipped in 2014.

Building on the recent trend of wearable fitness trackers, smart watches are set to take a significant leap forward with the April 24th release of the Apple Watch. Consistent growth is also anticipated in “basic wearables” as many consumers continue to seek out single-use wearable devices.

In the chart below, you can see that the IDC is forecasting that wrist wear will account for almost 90% of the industry’s market share in 2015. Wrist wearables include bands, bracelets and watches. Coming in with the second highest percentage are devices that are customarily much simpler to produce, Modular wearable devices (devices that can be worn on any part of the body with a clip or a strap). This category is predicted to take 5.7% of the 2015 market share.

Worldwide Wearable Device Shipments Market, 2014-2019 

Product Category 2014 Shipment Volumes 2014 Market Share 2015 Shipment Volumes* 2015 Market Share* 2019 Shipment Volumes* 2019 Market Share*
Wristwear 17.7 90.4% 40.7 89.2% 101.4 80.4%
Modular 1.6 8.3% 2.6 5.7% 6.7 5.3%
Clothing 0.0 0.1% 0.2 0.4% 5.6 4.5%
Eyewear 0.1 0.3% 1.0 2.2% 4.5 3.5%
Earwear 0.0 0.0% 0.1 0.1% 0.6 0.5%
Other 0.2 0.9% 1.1 2.4% 7.3 5.8%
TOTAL 19.6 100.0% 45.7 100.0% 126.1 100.0%

* (units in millions)

Though the Apple Watch will likely be a hot commodity among tech savvy consumers, the key for manufacturers will be to create a device that is useful for even the ordinary consumer.  It would take very compelling benefits or ingenious marketing tactics to convince the average buyer to replace his or her regular wrist watch with wearable technology that will likely involve daily recharging.  Regardless of the obstacles, the future for wearable electronics is looking very bright.

The Importance of Supply Chain Partners

Supply chain partners impact everything from product quality to production cost. As competition in the wearable technology sector heats up finding the right supply chain partner will become increasingly important. For over four decades bisco industries has served manufacturers on the cutting edge of technology and is strategically positioned to help clients in the printed circuit board industry enter the wearable technology market. bisco industries is an authorized distributor for over 150 manufacturers with a products ranging from interconnect components, to test points, to PCB hardware. In addition, bisco offers extensive stock, online pricing, experienced local sales reps, and a variety of supply chain services. Visit to learn more about partnering with bisco industries.

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