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Industry News Wrap-Up January 3-8, 2016

Consumer Electronics Show 2016

This week was all about the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As always the show was a chance for electronics manufacturers to showcase the latest and most innovative products coming to market. The show started January 6th and runs through January 9th. CES 2016 highlights included:

LG Rollable OLED Display

LG’s Rollable OLED Display

LG”s paper thin 18 inch display features 1200×810 HD resolution and can be safely rolled to a radius of 3cm.  LG hopes to bring rollable displays as large as 55 inches to market in near future.  Learn more

ili Translator - CES 2016

Ili Translator

Ili is a wearable translation device that translates conversations in real time. Users speak into the device, Ili translates the phase and outputs the phrase in the selected language through built-in speakers.  Ili uses a library of around 50,000 words and phrases and offers translation in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Learn more

DAQRI Smart Helmet - CES 2016

DAQRI Smart Helmet

Designed for construction and industrial workers, the DAQRI smart helmet offers augmented reality to help workers solve complex problems. One of the key features of the DAQRI helmet is X-ray like vision that allows users to see inside objects using diagrams and drawings. Learn more


bisco is proud to supply the building blocks of innovation to manufacturers across the consumer electronics industry. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of technology with our clients in 2016.

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