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Product Spotlight: Mill-Max PLCC Sockets

Mill-Max offers a full line of PLCC (plastic leaded chip carriers) sockets that provide secure connections between ICs and PCBs. Mill-Max’s PLCC sockets fall under their 540 and 940 part number series and are available in both surface mount or through hole mount configurations. In addition to different mounting options, Mill-Max also offers PLCC sockets in compact and standard styles.

Mill-Max PLCC Socket Features

  • Innovative open frame design that improves soldering and makes visual inspection easy
  • Internal standoffs for precise positioning and heat dissipation
  • 150 μ” tin plating on contacts
  • Designed to JEDEC standards
  • Available in bulk or tape packaging

Mill-Max PLCC Socket Technical Specs

Authorized Source for Mill-Max PLCC Sockets

bisco industries is your authorized source for Mill-Max PLCC sockets. We offer stock on many of the 540 and 940 series PLCC sockets. Popular stocked Mill-Max PLCC sockets include:

In addition to a full service e-commerce website, bisco has a dedicated team of over 250 local representatives to assist you. To find stock, get pricing, and place orders visit today!

Product Spotlight: Mill-Max Expands Offering of Discrete Insulated Spring-Loaded Pins

New Line of SMT Pogo Pins from Mill-Max

Mill-Max recently announced that it will be expanding its line of discrete insulated spring-load pogo pins. Mill-Max has seen increased demand for SMT pins causing them to supplement their widely used 807 series pins with the new 0907 and 0906 series SMT pins. The expanded series off spring-loaded pins will range in height from .255” (6.48mm) to .430” (10.9mm) for the 0907 series and .137” (3.48mm) to .236” (5.99mm) for the 0906 series.  Insulated spring-loaded pogo pins are ideal for applications that require electrical isolation. Nylon 46 insulators are used to isolate the pin from other conductive elements on applications such as PCBs or conductive housings.  For more technical details view the 0907 series and 0906 series catalog pages.

bisco – Authorized Supplier of Mill-Max Spring-Loaded Pogo Pins

bisco industries is your authorized source for Mill-Max spring-loaded pins.  bisco stocks hundreds Mill-Max products and offers online pricing and ordering. Our Mill-Max stocking package includes the new line of discrete insulated spring-loaded pins including the 0907-1-15-20-75-14-11-0 and 0906-0-15-20-76-14-11-0 pins. Visit today to request and view pricing on Mill-Max spring-loaded pins.

Product Spotlight: New SMT Gull Wing Connectors from Mill-Max

Mill-Max recently announced a new line of fine pitch SMT gull wing connectors.  Like other surface mount technology (SMT) connectors, Mill-Max’s gull wing connectors are mounted directly on the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the gull wing design (out, down, out extension of the pins) ensuring easy inspection of the soldering joints.

The new SMT gull wing connector series includes both 1mm headers with positions 3 through 26 (860-10-0XX-30-002000) and 1mm sockets with positions 3 through 26 (861-13-0XX-30-002000). Their compact size makes these SMT connectors ideal for applications where space is at a premium.  In addition, the SMT gull wing connectors feature gold plating to provide superior conductivity.  To learn more about SMT gull wing connector technical info view the Mill-Max spec sheet.

Authorized Mill-Max SMT Gull Wing Connector Distributor

bisco industries is your authorized distributor for Mill-Max SMT gull wing connectors. We stock thousands of Mill-Max connectors available for same day shipment from bisco’s 7 distribution centers.  Search Mill-Max items on or contact our customer service team today!

In Stock Mill-Max SMT Gull Wing Connectors

Superior Press-Fit Pins & Receptacles from Mill-Max

Leading PCB interconnect manufacturer, Mill-Max, understands that quality is critical when it comes to printed circuit board connectors. That’s exactly why Mill-Max has designed its line of press-fit pins and receptacles to meet the highest industry standards.  Using proprietary manufacturing methods, pins and receptacles are high speed turned to meet precise tolerances and plated to ensure superior conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Mill-Max’s precision turned press-fit pins and receptacles offer many benefits over traditional stamped and formed connectors.

Benefits of Precision Turned Pins & Receptacles:

  • Seamless construction prevents contact contamination from wave or reflow soldering.
  • Specialized press-fit feature geometries – triangle, square, hexagon, octagon – to meet the hole size requirements of specific applications.
  • Lead-in countersinks on pin receptacles to facilitate pin alignment.
  • Pin and receptacle shells are brass alloy, 360 ½ hard, for strength, conductive and thermal properties.
  • Multi-finger beryllium copper contact clip scores the mating device lead for gastight electrical connection and provides best power and force distribution.
  • Two-piece receptacle construction (shell and contact clip) allows for cost efficient plating combinations for best solderability and conductivity.

Your Authorized Source for Mill-Max

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Mill-Max press-fit pins and receptacles. We stock over 3000 Mill-Max connectors and offer easy online pricing and ordering.

Want to learn more about Mill-Max press-fit pins and receptacles?

Review this handy whitepaper or check out Mill-Max’s product configurator.

Need pricing and availability?

Visit and simply search for the Mill-Max part number you need.

4 Types of Board-to-Board Connectors

Board-to-board connectors provide a reliable plug-able connection between printed circuit boards (PCBs). Board-to-board connectors provide particular advantage in that they allow PCBs to be easily replaced and upgraded. Although available in many configurations all board-to-board connectors operate on the basic premise of male pins mating with female sockets. Among the many variations in board-to-board connectors are fine pitch board-to-board connectors, SMT board-to-board connectors, right angle board-to-board connectors, and spring-loaded board-to-board connectors.

PcB connector Types

  • Fine pitch connectors are ideal for electronic applications where space is extremely limited. Fine pitch board-to-board connectors offer low mating heights, narrow bodies, and allow for easy mating and assembly.
  • SMT connectors allow PC boards that only have surface mount components to be connected quickly and reliably. SMT board-to-board connectors eliminate requirements for drilling and can undergo reflow soldering along with other surface mount components.
  • Right angle connectors like their name insinuates allow connections at right angles. Thus vertical and horizontal PCBs can be connected without changing their orientation.
  • Spring-loaded connectors contain springs that allow for a secure connection despite fluctuations in spacing between the boards. Spring-loaded board-to-board connectors are ideal for applications like portable equipment that endure constant movement and vibration.

bisco industries offers these board-to-board connectors and many more from leading manufacturers like Mill-Max. Mill-Max utilizes proprietary machining processes to reduce connector tolerances, increase manufacturing speed, and simplify product customization. To get pricing and order Mill-Max board-to-board connectors visit today!

Mill-Max’s top selling board-to-board connectors include:

Fine Pitch Connectors



SMT Connectors





Right Angle Connectors




Spring-Loaded Connectors




Mill-Max Expands their Target Connectors Line

Mill-Max recently introduced a selection of new target connectors and pins. These components are used in place of SMT pads as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins on a PCB. The newly launched components are offered in .100” (2,54 mm) and 2 mm grid connectors as well as new discrete pins for a broad range of applications.

Combining target connectors with spring-loaded connectors on opposing boards can be an easy and convenient solution for making connections between stacked boards or docking stations and devices.

The new target connectors and pins are available with both through-hole and SMT terminations (SMT products are packaged on tape and reel).  This product family includes choices for connectors with flat or concave face contact surfaces. Concave face targets provide additional surface area for mating and can aid in centering/alignment of components and/or boards fitted with spring-loaded connectors.

As a complement to the existing .100” (2,54 mm) grid through-hole and SMT target connectors, Mill-Max has introduced three new series featuring targets with concave faces. These include single and double row through-hole and double row SMT connectors.

Completing the roll-out of new target components are four discrete target pins well suited for mating with Mill-Max’s larger spring-loaded pins such as the 0861-0 and 0871-0 which have .092” (2,34 mm) diameter plungers.  There are two through-hole pins, one with a flat contact surface and one with a concave contact surface.  These pins are characterized by a large .125” (3,17 mm) diameter face, a .120” (3,05 mm) above board height and a .030” (,76 mm) diameter tail.  The SMT pins have the flat contact surface and concave contact surface options along with the .125” (3,17) diameter face and .120” (3,05 mm) above board height.  These SMT pins are available in bulk or on tape and reel.

All the pins are RoHS compliant, precision-machined and gold-plated. These features ensure environmental protection, durability and excellent conductivity.  The connector insulators are molded from high temperature plastic suitable for most soldering processes including RoHS environments.

Did you know that bisco is a premier source for Mill-Max products?

We carry thousands of Mill-Max connectors at each of our six strategically located warehouses making it easy to get the right parts fast. We also offer extremely competitive pricing, an experienced local sales team, and online pricing and ordering.

Need help configuring the right connector for your application? Contact our dedicated sales team today!

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Connecting you to Mill-Max Interconnect Solutions

For over 40 years Mill-Max has been leading innovation in the manufacturing of interconnect components. Mill-Max’s ability to provide innovative products and exceptional quality is a result of their unique approach to design and manufacturing. Mill-Max houses all of their processes under one roof including engineering, manufacturing, and quality control. In addition, Mill-Max uses proprietary high-speed turning machines which allow them to reduce tolerances and shorten lead times. Among Mill-Max’s broad range of products are spring-loaded connectors, IC sockets, TO sockets, IO sockets, pin receptacles, board-to-board connectors, pin headers, and PCB pins.

bisco industries is your authorized stocking distributor for Mill-Max pins, sockets, and interconnect solutions. bisco offers hundreds of Mill-Max products in stock, available for same day shipment.  bisco’s goal is to help you optimize your supply chain by offering services such as kitting, bin stocking, bar coding, and just-in-time (JIT) delivery. To learn more about Mill-Max products and to get instant pricing and availability visit bisco industries’ online store.

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