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Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to managing your supply chain vendor managed inventory (VMI) can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Imagine reducing the cost of carrying inventory, replenishing stock automatically, and customizing packaging all in one solution. That’s just a flavor of what a customized VMI program from bisco industries can offer.

At bisco we customize each and every VMI program to meet the unique needs of your business and help you improve profit margins. Here are 3 popular VMI features to help you meet your business challenges: Read more…

Streamlining Barcode Inventory Systems

Barcoding has many benefits including, reducing human error, improving inventory tracking and expediting receiving and shipping processes. Once a bar coding system has been implemented the biggest challenge is ensuring that all products are labeled and labeled correctly. Accomplishing this can create bottlenecks in your receiving and warehousing departments. However, choosing the right supply partners can go a long way in eliminating these bottlenecks.

What if every product you received, regardless of manufacturer, already had your barcode label?

That’s exactly the type of time and money saving benefit that bisco industries offers.

How we do it:

  1. Our diverse supplier network means we can procure nearly any part from any manufacturer
  2. Our 7 stocking warehouses create barcoding labels to your specifications for all outgoing products.

bisco offers many other services including custom packaging and dedicated inventory. Learn more about bisco’s value added services by contacting a local bisco representative today.

Custom Bin Stocking Programs

bisco industries understands that one of the most important benefits we offer our customers is value added services. bisco works with each customer individually because we realize you’re your supply chain is unique.

One of the key value added services that bisco industries offers is bin stocking. Our bin stocking program helps you streamline inventory management process through automatic inventory replenishing, quality control, bar coding, organized bins and fast, friendly service. By implementing a just-in-time (JIT) delivery process like bin stocking, we ensure that you have the right part, at the right time, at the right price. Setting up a customized program is fast and easy, saving you time, money, and resources.

Call your local sales office for more details about setting up a value added service package with bisco.

New E-Commerce Capabilities Improve Procurement Efficiency

Find More Products Faster

bisco industries is proud to announce the release of three new e-commerce capabilities that will have a lasting impact on the procurement teams and supply chains we support.  February 2015 saw the update of the complete suite of Molex product selection data, the release of a new, more competitive, pricing structure, and expanded inventory for the 15,000 most widely used electronic hardware and fasteners.

Combining Quality & Cost Savings

At bisco, our mission is to supply efficiency to the industry rather than just parts. As a distributor, we offer our partners faster sourcing, leaner inventory, and top tier quality control. With those goals in mind, our new capabilities are designed to provide faster access to product information, cost-effective pricing, and the inventory required to satisfy just-in-time (JIT) processes. We look forward to continuing to improve our partners’ supply chain efficiency as we launch more e-commerce tools in the coming months.

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