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New E-Commerce Capabilities Improve Procurement Efficiency

Find More Products Faster

bisco industries is proud to announce the release of three new e-commerce capabilities that will have a lasting impact on the procurement teams and supply chains we support.  February 2015 saw the update of the complete suite of Molex product selection data, the release of a new, more competitive, pricing structure, and expanded inventory for the 15,000 most widely used electronic hardware and fasteners.

Combining Quality & Cost Savings

At bisco, our mission is to supply efficiency to the industry rather than just parts. As a distributor, we offer our partners faster sourcing, leaner inventory, and top tier quality control. With those goals in mind, our new capabilities are designed to provide faster access to product information, cost-effective pricing, and the inventory required to satisfy just-in-time (JIT) processes. We look forward to continuing to improve our partners’ supply chain efficiency as we launch more e-commerce tools in the coming months.

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