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KATO Introduces the World’s Smallest Tangless CoilThread Insert

Lighter, Smaller, Stronger – KATO Inserts

Once again, KATO has redefined cutting edge in the helical coiled screw thread insert market. As technology moves forward, the expectations and demands of engineers are to design parts that are smaller, lighter, and more powerful. This holds true for everything from electronics to mechanical components. As a result, and in response to this trend, KATO continues to develop innovative new technology that pushes the envelope of wire insert manufacturing. The New 0-80 and M2 Tangless CoilThread inserts are the latest results of these efforts.

World’s smallest Tangless insert

KATO utilized state-of-the-art wire forming technology and advanced micro manufacturing techniques to produce the 0-80 and M2 Tangless CoilThread inserts, the industry’s smallest unified and metric Tangless thread sizes.

The new 0-80 and M2 Tangless CoilThread inserts are currently available in free-running 1, 1.5, and 2 diameter nominal lengths. STI taps, STI gages, installation, and non-destructive KATO removal tools for the 0-80 and M2 Tangless CoilThread inserts are also available.

With a free outside diameter as small as 0.077in and 2.5mm respectively, the KATO 0-80 and M2 Tangless CoilThread inserts are the world’s smallest unified and metric Tangless inserts!

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New E-Commerce Capabilities Improve Procurement Efficiency

Find More Products Faster

bisco industries is proud to announce the release of three new e-commerce capabilities that will have a lasting impact on the procurement teams and supply chains we support.  February 2015 saw the update of the complete suite of Molex product selection data, the release of a new, more competitive, pricing structure, and expanded inventory for the 15,000 most widely used electronic hardware and fasteners.

Combining Quality & Cost Savings

At bisco, our mission is to supply efficiency to the industry rather than just parts. As a distributor, we offer our partners faster sourcing, leaner inventory, and top tier quality control. With those goals in mind, our new capabilities are designed to provide faster access to product information, cost-effective pricing, and the inventory required to satisfy just-in-time (JIT) processes. We look forward to continuing to improve our partners’ supply chain efficiency as we launch more e-commerce tools in the coming months.

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