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Hoffman Enclosures Offering New Double-Hinged Enclosures

new enclosures ideal for applications with limited space

Hoffman Enclosures is expanding its selection of standard enclosures to include double hinged cabinets which allow access from both the front and rear of the enclosure.  These access points are protected by a solid door on one side and a window door on the other. Hoffman’s PROTEK brand enclosures are UL and NEMA rated and are ideal for harsh environments where space is limited.

Key Features of Hoffman Enclosures’ PROTEK Double-Hinged Cabinets:

  • Three-part design: door, center section and wall section
  • Solid door provides complete physical and visual protection
  • Window door, made of scratch-resistant safety glass, allows visual monitoring while still protecting equipment
  • Enclosure sections are provided with ground studs to facilitate proper bonding and grounding
  • Door latches and keys included
  • Premium seamless gasket protects equipment from pollutants in the outside environment
  • One set of plated, self-grounding, tapped 10-32 rack angles per EIA universal spacing standards, which can be adjusted front-to-back, is provided with each center section of the cabinet; additional tapped- or square-hole rack angles can be added to the cabinet to provide additional mounting
  • Wall section welded panel studs which accommodate standard panels (steel and wood available), can be ordered separately

More solutions from hoffman enclosures

Hoffman Enclosures is a premier manufacturer of enclosures and accessories used to protect electronic systems and controls. Hoffman offers drop-in solutions like their PROTEK cabinets as well as custom solutions to meet the requirements of clients from the industrial, electronics, communications, and aerospace industries. Hoffman Enclosure’s partnership with bisco industries provides procurement teams with quick access to pricing and availability as well as product specifications.

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