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Product Spotlight: Aavid Thermalloy Max Clips

What is a Max Clip?

Aavid Thermalloy Max Clips reduce thermal resistance by applying pressure to the center of a semiconductor and forming a connection between the semiconductor and the heat sink. Max Clips provide an effective and easy alternative to screws and rivets and bypass the need for mounting holes. In fact Max Clips maintain constant assembly force despite thermal cycling and interface material compression – this means consistent thermal performance over the life of the product which results in maximum component reliability.

Max Clips vs. Traditional Clips

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Max Clip

Thermal Performance

The thermal resistance of interface materials is inversely proportional to the clip force; the higher the clip force, the better the performance. However, high clip forces are not always necessary. For example, low fore clips are sufficient in applications using thermal grease or phase change materials because those materials ‘wet’ the surface under low pressure. High force clips may be necessary when using a silicone based insulator to achieve adequate performance.


The clip should contact the center of the device to ensure pressure is distributed evenly across the interface, therefore the length of the clip determines the mounting location. The standard length clip is designed to fit most applications. Aavid also offers short and long clip options which will allow the device to be mounted higher or lower on the heat sink if needed.

Max Clip Types

Your Authorized Source for Aavid Max Clips

bisco industries is your authorized Aavid distributor and carries the full line of Max Clips and associated heat sinks. To configure Aavid Max Clips checkout the Max Clip catalog. To search stock and get pricing and availability visit bisco’s Aavid Thermalloy microsite.

Product Spotlight: Aavid Thermalloy E-Series Heat Sinks

E-Series BGA Clip Mount Heat Sinks

Aavid Thermalloy prides itself on offering the broadest line of innovative heat sinks to support even the most challenging applications. Aavid’s line of E-Series heat sinks is no exception. Like other heat sinks Aavid’s E-Series heat sinks spread heat over a wide surface area to dissipate it and keep temperatures steady within the application.

The E-Series heat sinks are specifically designed for use with ball grid arrays (BGAs) and feature easy clip-in mounting.  The E-Series’ clip mounting hardware utilizes a plastic frame along with flexible wire springs resulting in easy installation. Aside from ease of installation, Aavid’s E-Series BGA heat sinks offer many other benefits.

E-Series Features and Benefits:

  • 5mm keep out zone for high density PCB layout
  • No short-circuit concern from UL94V-0 rated PA66
  • Re-workable shock and vibration tested
  • Cost effective

Configuring E-Series BGA Heat Sinks

Aavid offers a variety of standard E-Series heat sinks as well as the ability to customize heat sinks to meet application requirements. Customization options include interface materials, finishes, and heat sink size. CLICK HERE to configure E-Series BGA heat sink part numbers.

Part Number Specification


Example Part:  EA-450-H175-T710

Clip attach mounting tool part number: EA-MT001

Where to buy Aavid E-Series BGA Heat Sinks?

bisco industries is an authorized Aavid Thermalloy distributor and now offers the full line of E-Series heat sinks. To find pricing and availability and request customized quotes visit

Manufacturer Profile: Aavid Thermalloy

Aavid Thermalloy is a leading manufacturer of thermal management solutions. Their worldwide network is comprised of three regional offices, six manufacturing centers, and eight design centers. Aavid takes pride in providing the industry’s broadest offering of thermal management products.

Aavid Thermalloy’s Product Offering Includes:

  • Heat Sinks
  • DC Brushless Fans and Blowers
  • Tape Attachments
  • Semiconductor Mounting
  • Board Level Attachments
  • Interface Materials (insulating hardware, gap fillers, etc.)

Aavid Engineering & Design Services

Aavid also provides impressive resource for engineers, giving them innovative and interactive online engineering tools as well as design services supported by their team of market-leading design engineers.

A History of Innovation

In 2014, Aavid Thermalloy celebrated “50 Years of Innovation”, marking half a century of delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective thermal management solutions.  Aavid’s innovative history is supported by their quality standards which require them to supply products that meet or exceed customer requirements for quality, on time deliver (OTD), performance, and value. Aavid has obtained ISO Certifications in North America, Europe, Asia, and India.

bisco – Authorized Aavid Thermalloy Distributor

bisco industries is a franchised Aavid distributor, stocking large quanties of Aavid heat sinks, fans, and other thermal management products. To find pricing, availability, and place orders for Aavid Thermalloy products visit

What is a Heat Sink?

Ever wonder why your electronic devices don’t overheat? One of the primary reasons is heat sinks. Heat sinks work by spreading heat over wider area, allowing it to dissipate more quickly. All heat sinks are composed of bases and fins which can be fabricated in different shapes depending on the application requirements. The larger the protruding fins the greater the surface area from which heat can dissipate.

A heat sink’s performance depends on several factors including material, protrusion design (the shape and height of the fins), and surface treatment. When heat sinks are utilized without fans they are referred to as passive heat sinks. If fans and heat sinks are used in combination then the heat sinks are called active heat sinks. Heat sinks are typically categorized by the manufacturing method and function. Heat sinks are most commonly used in computers, but are also found in cell phones, refrigerators and many other electronic devices.


Leading Heat Sink Manufacturers

  • Aavid Thermalloy
  • Wakefield
  • Mersen
  • Sunon


To learn more about heat sinks read this helpful article from IHS Engineering360 or contact bisco’s industries’ customer support team. bisco’s team has a wealth of knowledge and access to resources from leading manufacturers including Aavid Thermalloy.

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