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Product Spotlight: Aavid Thermalloy Max Clips

What is a Max Clip?

Aavid Thermalloy Max Clips reduce thermal resistance by applying pressure to the center of a semiconductor and forming a connection between the semiconductor and the heat sink. Max Clips provide an effective and easy alternative to screws and rivets and bypass the need for mounting holes. In fact Max Clips maintain constant assembly force despite thermal cycling and interface material compression – this means consistent thermal performance over the life of the product which results in maximum component reliability.

Max Clips vs. Traditional Clips

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Max Clip

Thermal Performance

The thermal resistance of interface materials is inversely proportional to the clip force; the higher the clip force, the better the performance. However, high clip forces are not always necessary. For example, low fore clips are sufficient in applications using thermal grease or phase change materials because those materials ‘wet’ the surface under low pressure. High force clips may be necessary when using a silicone based insulator to achieve adequate performance.


The clip should contact the center of the device to ensure pressure is distributed evenly across the interface, therefore the length of the clip determines the mounting location. The standard length clip is designed to fit most applications. Aavid also offers short and long clip options which will allow the device to be mounted higher or lower on the heat sink if needed.

Max Clip Types

Your Authorized Source for Aavid Max Clips

bisco industries is your authorized Aavid distributor and carries the full line of Max Clips and associated heat sinks. To configure Aavid Max Clips checkout the Max Clip catalog. To search stock and get pricing and availability visit bisco’s Aavid Thermalloy microsite.

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