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Product Spotlight: Southco EM Series Electronic Keepers

The Southco EM series is your affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures, both  large and small. The EM Series Electronic Keepers provide greater versatility for a wide range of enclosure applications. Southco electronic keepers include: E-Keeper Electronic Strikes and Miniature Electronic Keeper Systems.


E-Keeper Electronic Strikes

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Product Spotlight: Southco R4-EM-9 Rotary Locks

Southco’s R4-EM-9 Series electromechanical rotary locks provide key features that are ideal for security monitoring on applications such as buses, RVs, point of sale product enclosures, and data storage/server enclosures. R4-EM-9 series locks are controlled by a microprocessor that provide the attached signal device with the lock status. For example, if the lock is connected to an electronic keypad the screen will show if the latch is open or locked.

R4-EM-9 Lock Settings

The R4-EM-9 rotary lock offers both auto relock or delayed relock settings.

Auto Relock

In this mode a signal device (such as a computer or keypad) is used to unlock the latch. When the door is pushed back to the closed position the latch automatically locks.

Delayed Relock

Like auto relock mode, the delayed relock mode uses a signal device to release the latch and open the door. However the delayed relock mode differs in that the signal device must also be used when closing the door. When the door is pushed shut the user must then use the signal device (keypad, computer, etc.) to reengage the lock and secure the door.

Additional R4-EM-9 Lock Features

  • Simple two-hole installation
  • Minimal power draw (energy efficient)
  • Accommodation for existing control systems
  • High electromechanical release load – (latch has a high resistance to breakage when force is applied.)
  • Kick-out spring door assist (optional for delayed relock versions)

R4-EM-9 Part Configuration

Part configuration for the R4-EM-9 series electronic locks is relatively simple. By referring to the figure below you can identify the complete part number by selecting a trigger style and base mounting style. For additional details checkout the Southco R4-EM-9 rotary lock spec sheet.

R4-EM-9 Product Configurator - Southco

Availability & Pricing for R4-EM-9 Series Electromechanical Rotary Locks

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Southco R4-EM-9 series locks. Visit to request pricing and availability at the click of a button.


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