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Product Spotlight: Southco EM Series Electronic Keepers

The Southco EM series is your affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures, both  large and small. The EM Series Electronic Keepers provide greater versatility for a wide range of enclosure applications. Southco electronic keepers include: E-Keeper Electronic Strikes and Miniature Electronic Keeper Systems.


E-Keeper Electronic Strikes

This “next-generation” access control solution provides the convenience of electronic access and push-to-close operation in one unit. The E-Keeper Electronic Strike’s low installed cost, compact design, and versatile installation options make it an easy, affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures – large and small.


Miniature Electronic Keeper System

The compact version of Southco’s electronic strike, the Miniature E-Keeper System delivers enhanced access control to applications that require concealed, controlled, secure access. Its versatility, ease of installation and slim design enable an easy transition from mechanical to electromechanical latching solutions.

Your Top Source for Southco

bisco is a premier, authorized distributor for Southco offering you the expertise and inventory you need when you need it most. Our sales reps are local and capable of helping you find the right style, material, and finish for your application.

Check bisco inventory on Southco’s E-Keeper Electronic Strikes

Check bisco inventory on Southco’s Miniature Electronic Keeper System  

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