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Product Spotlight: MS21043-3 Military Standard Lock Nuts


MS21043-3 Self-Locking Hex Nuts

bisco now stocks MS21043-3 lock nuts (locknuts) along with many other lock nuts in the MS21043 series. bisco’s MS21043-3 corrosion resistant steel hex lock nuts meet military standard (MS) NASM21043 and fall under National Stocking Number (NSN) 5310-00-844-3302. MS21043-3 lock nuts provide secure fastening that combats loosening from vibration and torque making them ideal for high-stress applications such as aircraft and military equipment.

MS21043-3 Features

  • Deformed Self-Locking
  • 10-32 Nominal Thread Size
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel (Stainless Steel) Material
  • Silver Plating on Threaded Surfaces
  • 800 Degree F. Temperature Rating
  • Meets NASM21043 Military Standard Spec
  • Mfg C of C & Other Certs Available Upon Request (with purchase only)


Find MS21043-3 pricing, availability, and specification data at


Your Trusted Aerospace & Defense Supplier

bisco industries is a AS9100 / ISO9001 certified supplier to the aerospace and defense industries. Throughout our 40+ year history, bisco industries, has developed strong partnerships with manufacturers of Military Standard (MS) hardware and fasteners which allow us to provide top tier quality, on-time delivery, and volume pricing discounts. To learn more about bisco’s quality standards or request completion of a quality survey contact us here.

One thought on “Product Spotlight: MS21043-3 Military Standard Lock Nuts”

  1. Awesome! If we can ever help Bisco with any Special Nuts, Screw Machine or CNC Turned Parts, just let me know. Wyandotte is ISO/TS, AS & Nadcap Certified and we are also ITAR Compliant. We do manufacture many Military Parts.

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