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Product Spotlight: Southco EM Series Electronic Keepers

The Southco EM series is your affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures, both  large and small. The EM Series Electronic Keepers provide greater versatility for a wide range of enclosure applications. Southco electronic keepers include: E-Keeper Electronic Strikes and Miniature Electronic Keeper Systems.


E-Keeper Electronic Strikes

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Manufacturer Profile: Schroff

About Schroff

Schroff, a division of Pentair Technical Solutions, is a leading name in the electronics protection world. Schroff rose to prominence by helping to standardize the 19” subrack system which is now widely used for electronic infrastructure. Schroff continues to offer thousands of products for 19” subracks as well as larger rack systems and other PCB hardware and accessories. Schroff products can be found in applications ranging from data centers to medical equipment to military systems.


Schroff Products

  • PCB Card Guides & Retainers
  • Connectors
  • Electronic Cabinets
  • Electronic Cases
  • Subracks
  • Front Panels

To configure Schroff products search or browse bisco’s Schroff microsite or utilize one of Schroff’s product configurators.

#1 Schroff Distributor – bisco industries

bisco industries is an authorized Schroff distributor and the top Schroff distributor in North America. bisco’s ecommerce site provides easy online shopping for Schroff products by category and attributes. Not only that but bisco stocks hundreds of Schroff products all ready for same day shipment. Visit today!

Manufacturer Profile: Altech Corp

New Jersey based Altech Corp has a long history of manufacturing industrial control products, power distribution components, and much more. In fact, Altech offers nearly all the common products found in enclosures in addition to enclosures themselves.  Altech prides itself on quality and is an ISO 9001 certified company with many products that meet UL and international standards.  While Altech products meet top tier quality standards, they are also competitively priced and readily available.

Altech Corp Products Include:

For a complete listing of Altech products view Altech’s digital catalogs.

bisco – Authorized Altech Distributor

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized Altech distributor. We have recently updated our Altech landing pages to include product data on hundreds of Altech items. Looking for pricing and stock information? Visit and simply search the Altech item. If pricing is not readily available our e-commerce customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Ensure Automation System Safety & Reliability Using Enclosures

Industrial automation continues to gain popularity among manufacturers, fabricators, logistic companies, and many other businesses. This popularity stems from the fact that companies are able speed up processes while spending less on unskilled labor. In order for automation systems to run safely and reliably critical system components such as control units and electrical switchgear must be protected.

70 Years Of Protecting Automation Systems

For over 70 years Hoffman (a division of Pentair) has been providing solutions to protect industrial equipment. Hoffman provides everything from drop-in enclosure systems to custom enclosures that meet even the most challenging applications. One of Hoffman’s most popular solutions for industrial automation applications are the PROLINE Industrial Packages. These packages include a frame, front door, rear cover, top cover, gland plate, lifting eyes, and a subpanel all orderable under single part numbers (side covers sold separately).  The PROLINE Industrial Packages meet NEMA Type 12 standards and are available in single or double door variations. The PROLINE series of industrial enclosures offers a simple drop-in solution for protecting automation systems from environmental hazards and for ensuring worker safety.

Hoffman Enclosure Systems Available From bisco industries

Are you designing a new automation system or making upgrades to an existing system? Consider protecting your components with Hoffman PROLINE Industrial Packages. Visit authorized Hoffman distributor, bisco industries, to find product specifications and pricing and availability.

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