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Product Spotlight: Panduit PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

Cost Saving Wire Management

PanelMax DIN rail wiring duct is an innovative wire management solution from Panduit that maximizes the amount of useful space inside of industrial enclosures. In fact, PanelMax DIN rail wiring duct provides more flexibility in the panel layout and reduced material and installation costs.

Panel Layout with Standard Wiring Duct
Panel Layout with Standard Wiring Duct
Panel Layout with PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct
Panel Layout with PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

PanelMax Wiring Duct Design Overview

The unique design of the PanelMax DIN rail wiring duct raises components (i.e. terminal blocks) above the panel surface and feeds wires directly into the wiring duct. The result is easier access to wires and components and faster terminations. Not only that, but PanelMax DIN rail wiring duct creates at least a 30% smaller footprint in the panel layout. PanelMax wiring duct is compatible with common DIN rail and DIN mounting components and satisfy a wide range of applications. In addition, all Panduit wiring ducts are UL Recognized and CSA certified with most carry the CE mark.

PanelMax Wiring Duct Key Features and Benefits

  • Unique slot progression for aesthetics and maximum slot capacity
  • Hinged and flexible cover acts as a ledge for wire installation and flexes for easy opening and increased channel access for maintenance
  • Integrated fastener slot accepts supplied screw fasteners to install DIN rail (user supplied rail)
  • Score-lines for easy removal of duct fingers and sidewalls
  • Accessories and tools that increase productivity and lower the installed cost
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Authorized Source for Panduit PanelMax Wiring Duct

bisco industries is your authorized distributor for Panduit PanelMax DIN rail wiring duct and accessories. bisco offers easy online access to product specifications as well as online pricing and availability. Bisco also conveniently offers associated items including enclosures, DIN rail terminal blocks, insulated wire, and ID labels. Make bisco your one-stop-shop and visit today!

Hazardous Location Enclosures for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hoffman‘s comprehensive selection of hazardous location enclosures makes them a preferred manufacturer for control, automation, and oil and gas applications. Applications range from PLC and DCS control systems to marshalling cabinets (all manufactured to the strictest global standards).  In addition, Hoffman’s Zonex enclosures are ATEX and IECEx certified, delivering a robust solutions where explosive gas and dust are present.

Hoffman provides a broad range of hazardous location accessories such as window kits, hole seals, vent drains, lights, and purge controllers. They also offer heavy-duty bases for high-wind applications and corrosion-resistant paints and coatings.

Looking for explosion proof enclosures? Hoffman offers two types of explosion proof enclosures that meet rigorous industry standards.

Hoffman SX7 Series Junction Boxes

SX7 series junction boxes can be used to house electrical connections, motor starters, circuit breakers, control stations, terminal blocks, pilot lights, switch racks, panelboards and more.


  • Low copper aluminum alloy and stainless steel bolts and screws for corrosion resistance
  • Gasket o-rings provides type 4X rating
  • Internal mounting panel
  • External earth screw
  • NPT threads for rigid conduit
  • Body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to customers’ specifications

Hoffman SX9 Series Screw Cover Enclosure

SX9 series enclosures are UL certified and feature a screw cover making them ideal for hazardous locations. SX9 junction boxes can be utilized for electrical equipment such as fuses, relays, disconnectors, remote control switches, and transformers.


  • Constructed of low copper content aluminum alloy
  • Body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to custom specifications
  • Internal/external stainless steel earth screws
  • Mounting panel and mounting screws included
  • Gasket between body and cover

bisco – Your Authorized Source for Hoffman

Whatever your requirements, you can depend on Hoffman’s extensive line of enclosures for oil and gas applications. To find Hoffman product information, pricing, availability, place orders, or browse bisco’s entire junction box catalog visit

Protect Your Systems from Hazardous Environments with Hoffman Enclosures

Hoffman (a division of Pentair) is a leading global manufacturer of enclosures. Hoffman enclosures are built to protect both your systems and the people who work in and around those systems. Whether you need to safeguard oil drill rig controls or data center servers, Hoffman has a solution for you.

Hoffman specializes in enclosures for systems that operate within hazardous environment. Hoffman’s FS66S series free-stand enclosures are a prime example of the type of solutions that Hoffman provides. The FS66S free-stand enclosures are designed to house large components such as motor starters and PLCs as well as other electronic and electrical equipment.

FS66S Global Free-Stand Type 4X Enclosure Specifications:

  • Internal grid mounting system compatible with Hoffman’s PROLINE enclosure mounting system
  • Enclosure supports evenly distributed content for Standard duty 500Kg (1102 lb.) and Heavy duty 1000Kg (2205 lb.).
  • Uni-body design with seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • Seamless foam-in-place gasket assures a water-tight and dust-tight seal
  • Body flange trough collar channels liquids and contaminants away from door opening and installed equipment
  • Removable hidden hinges
  • Built-in plinth base that allows for flexible cable entry
  • Painted or galvanized back panels can be rear-mounted in single-access enclosures and back-to-back in dual access enclosures

More specifications and product configurations can be found on the FS66S Enclsoures catalog page.

Have Questions About Enclosure Specifications? Ready To Buy?

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized distributor for Hoffman enclosures. Bisco offers both local service and a 24/7 e-commerce store. Visit to find product specs, pricing, availability, and place orders at the click of a button.

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