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Manufacturer Profile: Marathon Special Products

Marathon Special Products is a premier manufacturer of fuse holders, terminal blocks, and power blocks. Based in Bowling Green, Ohio , Marathon’s headquarters houses an extensive electrical test lab in addition to manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Marathon Special Products is a subsidiary of Regal Beloit and the owner of the Kulka brand of terminal blocks.

Since 1955, Marathon has been developing innovative solutions including streamlined molding, stamping, and assembly. In addition to innovative design and manufacturing Marathon has also gained a reputation for quality.  In fact, many of Marathon’s terminal and power blocks are NEMA and UL rated.  Marathon offers a broad range of terminal blocks, fuse holders, and power blocks with various styles, electrical ratings, and sizes to meet diverse application requirements.

Marathon electrical distribution products include:

Marathon Fuse Holder Styles

  • Photovoltaic Fuse Holders
  • T Class Fuse Holders
  • CC Class Fuse Holders

Marathon/Kulka Terminal Block Styles

Marathon Power Block Styles

  • NEMA Power Blocks
  • High Voltage (HVPB) Power Blocks
  • Enclosed Power Blocks (EPB)

bisco – Authorized Marathon Distributor

bisco industries is your local authorized supplier for Marathon products and Kulka brand terminal blocks.  bisco stocks a wide variety of Marathon terminal blocks and accessories including the military class 37TB, 38TB, and 39TB series terminal blocks. For technical specifications view the complete Marathon Catalog. For quotes and orders simply visit and search the Marathon part number.

Fuse Holders from Keystone Electronics

Keystone Electronics offers a complete line of fuse holders for cylindrical glass fuses as well as auto blade fuses. Keystone fuse holders are utilized on all types of applications including telecommunication, aerospace, automotive, and solar applications.

Fuse Protection for Solar Applications

Keystone’s latest line of fuse holders is specifically designed to protect fuses used on solar applications and photovoltaic systems. These 5AG SPF fuse holders feature both surface mount and thru-hole mount options and are rated for up to 30 Amps. The 5AG Midget SPF fuse holders utilize tin plated brass springs and a UL rated nylon bases to protect fuses from damage. To find detailed specification info view the Keystone solar protection fuse (SPF) holder catalog page.

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized Keystone distributor and offers extensive inventory on Keystone products. Visit for pricing on 5AG SPF fuse holders and covers 3574, 3576, and 3576C.

Keystone Electronics – Helping Keep Your Lawn Green

Optimizing Water Usage

What keeps your front lawn that beautiful green during long, hot summer months? Water! Water, that more often than not travels through sprinkler systems to reach its final destination.  Sprinkler systems not only help keep lawns green but also provide much needed water to flower gardens and food crops. Typical sprinkler designs include a hosepipe that supplies water to a metal arm; this metal arm is placed on a rotating base enabling water to be thinly spread over a large area. Today’s sprinklers are often used in conjunction with electronic systems, such as digital timers and controllers, weather sensors, and even remote controls.  These electronic systems help to conserve water by optimizing the timing of irrigation and shutting off water flow when irrigation is complete.

Electronic sprinkler systems depend on a variety of components from Keystone Electronics including mounting brackets, fuse clips, fuse holders, and screws and panel hardware. With the support of Keystone agriculturalists, homeowners, and gardening enthusiasts can keep their plants and lawns healthy and green while still conserving water.

Your Local Keystone Distributor

bisco industries is a proud to be an authorized Keystone distributor. Whether you’re an engineer looking to design in components or a buyer looking to get parts on order, bisco is here to make your life easier. We offer a complete catalog of Keystone products on our website as well as online pricing and ordering. bisco also has 46 facilities throughout North America staffed with knowledgeable sales people ready to serve you. Visit or contact our customer service team today!

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