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Fuse Holders from Keystone Electronics

Keystone Electronics offers a complete line of fuse holders for cylindrical glass fuses as well as auto blade fuses. Keystone fuse holders are utilized on all types of applications including telecommunication, aerospace, automotive, and solar applications.

Fuse Protection for Solar Applications

Keystone’s latest line of fuse holders is specifically designed to protect fuses used on solar applications and photovoltaic systems. These 5AG SPF fuse holders feature both surface mount and thru-hole mount options and are rated for up to 30 Amps. The 5AG Midget SPF fuse holders utilize tin plated brass springs and a UL rated nylon bases to protect fuses from damage. To find detailed specification info view the Keystone solar protection fuse (SPF) holder catalog page.

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized Keystone distributor and offers extensive inventory on Keystone products. Visit for pricing on 5AG SPF fuse holders and covers 3574, 3576, and 3576C.

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