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Product Spotlight: Continuous Hinge Type 12 EMC Junction Boxes

EMI Shielded Junction Boxes

bisco industries is happy to announce that we now carry continuous hinge Type 12 EMC junction boxes from Hoffman. Hoffman’s Type 12 EMC junction boxes are specifically designed for indoor applications to contain electromagnetic interference (EMI) signals. These enclosures not only restrict EMI signals from devices inside but also protect against external EMI and RFI signals. The continuous hinge Type 12 EMC junction boxes are built from mild steel and are categorized as wall mount enclosures.

Enclosure Features

  • 16 or 14 gauge steel construction
  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • Continuous hinge design
  • Bonding provision on door
  • Combination woven steel mesh and oil-resistant gasket
  • Stainless steel screw-down door clamps
  • Weldnuts provided for mounting optional panels and terminal kits in size 6.00 x 4.00 in. (152 x 102mm) and larger (panels sold seperately)
  • Shielding effectiveness greater than 80 dB at 1 GHz
  • UL Rated

Continuous Hinge, EMC, Type 12 Enclosures – Part Numbers

Click on the part number links below to for detailed product information and to request a quote.  You can also view our entire junction box catalog.  Have questions? Send us an email.

bisco now on Amazon!

bisco has recently started listing stock on! Hoffman Enclosures is the first of several brands that will be offered on Amazon. In the coming weeks, bisco is targeting to add products from manufacturers such as Southco, Panduit, and Molex.

bisco’s Amazon’s listings allow users to conveniently locate product images and specifications along with estimated shipping dates for each part. This new initiative is part of bisco’s continuous effort to provide convenient and trusted ways for customers to shop online. One advantage of buying from bisco on Amazon is the added layer of customer support. In addition to Amazon’s customer service team you will have the complete support of bisco’s customer service team. Simply call into bisco’s customer service number or email the customer service team directly.

If you’re looking for an item not listed on Amazon visit to search bisco’s complete product offering.

Hazardous Location Enclosures for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hoffman‘s comprehensive selection of hazardous location enclosures makes them a preferred manufacturer for control, automation, and oil and gas applications. Applications range from PLC and DCS control systems to marshalling cabinets (all manufactured to the strictest global standards).  In addition, Hoffman’s Zonex enclosures are ATEX and IECEx certified, delivering a robust solutions where explosive gas and dust are present.

Hoffman provides a broad range of hazardous location accessories such as window kits, hole seals, vent drains, lights, and purge controllers. They also offer heavy-duty bases for high-wind applications and corrosion-resistant paints and coatings.

Looking for explosion proof enclosures? Hoffman offers two types of explosion proof enclosures that meet rigorous industry standards.

Hoffman SX7 Series Junction Boxes

SX7 series junction boxes can be used to house electrical connections, motor starters, circuit breakers, control stations, terminal blocks, pilot lights, switch racks, panelboards and more.


  • Low copper aluminum alloy and stainless steel bolts and screws for corrosion resistance
  • Gasket o-rings provides type 4X rating
  • Internal mounting panel
  • External earth screw
  • NPT threads for rigid conduit
  • Body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to customers’ specifications

Hoffman SX9 Series Screw Cover Enclosure

SX9 series enclosures are UL certified and feature a screw cover making them ideal for hazardous locations. SX9 junction boxes can be utilized for electrical equipment such as fuses, relays, disconnectors, remote control switches, and transformers.


  • Constructed of low copper content aluminum alloy
  • Body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to custom specifications
  • Internal/external stainless steel earth screws
  • Mounting panel and mounting screws included
  • Gasket between body and cover

bisco – Your Authorized Source for Hoffman

Whatever your requirements, you can depend on Hoffman’s extensive line of enclosures for oil and gas applications. To find Hoffman product information, pricing, availability, place orders, or browse bisco’s entire junction box catalog visit

Pentair Acquires Steinhauer

The Pentair Family is Expanding!

Pentair recently announced the planned acquisition of Steinhauer. Steinhauer specializes in automating modifications to enclosures that would be labor intensive under traditional methods. The Steinhauer brand will join Hoffman to further enhance Pentair’s offering of equipment protection solutions. Together, Hoffman and Steinhauer will provide users with automation solutions that deliver the highest levels of productivity, precision and flexibility.

Looking for Custom Enclosures or Panels?

bisco industries is your authorized source for Hoffman Enclosures. Contact our dedicated sales team and let them help you find the solution that works for you. Looking for a standard enclosure? Visit for pricing and availability and product data for the complete Hoffman line.

Ensure Automation System Safety & Reliability Using Enclosures

Industrial automation continues to gain popularity among manufacturers, fabricators, logistic companies, and many other businesses. This popularity stems from the fact that companies are able speed up processes while spending less on unskilled labor. In order for automation systems to run safely and reliably critical system components such as control units and electrical switchgear must be protected.

70 Years Of Protecting Automation Systems

For over 70 years Hoffman (a division of Pentair) has been providing solutions to protect industrial equipment. Hoffman provides everything from drop-in enclosure systems to custom enclosures that meet even the most challenging applications. One of Hoffman’s most popular solutions for industrial automation applications are the PROLINE Industrial Packages. These packages include a frame, front door, rear cover, top cover, gland plate, lifting eyes, and a subpanel all orderable under single part numbers (side covers sold separately).  The PROLINE Industrial Packages meet NEMA Type 12 standards and are available in single or double door variations. The PROLINE series of industrial enclosures offers a simple drop-in solution for protecting automation systems from environmental hazards and for ensuring worker safety.

Hoffman Enclosure Systems Available From bisco industries

Are you designing a new automation system or making upgrades to an existing system? Consider protecting your components with Hoffman PROLINE Industrial Packages. Visit authorized Hoffman distributor, bisco industries, to find product specifications and pricing and availability.

Protect Your Systems from Hazardous Environments with Hoffman Enclosures

Hoffman (a division of Pentair) is a leading global manufacturer of enclosures. Hoffman enclosures are built to protect both your systems and the people who work in and around those systems. Whether you need to safeguard oil drill rig controls or data center servers, Hoffman has a solution for you.

Hoffman specializes in enclosures for systems that operate within hazardous environment. Hoffman’s FS66S series free-stand enclosures are a prime example of the type of solutions that Hoffman provides. The FS66S free-stand enclosures are designed to house large components such as motor starters and PLCs as well as other electronic and electrical equipment.

FS66S Global Free-Stand Type 4X Enclosure Specifications:

  • Internal grid mounting system compatible with Hoffman’s PROLINE enclosure mounting system
  • Enclosure supports evenly distributed content for Standard duty 500Kg (1102 lb.) and Heavy duty 1000Kg (2205 lb.).
  • Uni-body design with seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • Seamless foam-in-place gasket assures a water-tight and dust-tight seal
  • Body flange trough collar channels liquids and contaminants away from door opening and installed equipment
  • Removable hidden hinges
  • Built-in plinth base that allows for flexible cable entry
  • Painted or galvanized back panels can be rear-mounted in single-access enclosures and back-to-back in dual access enclosures

More specifications and product configurations can be found on the FS66S Enclsoures catalog page.

Have Questions About Enclosure Specifications? Ready To Buy?

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized distributor for Hoffman enclosures. Bisco offers both local service and a 24/7 e-commerce store. Visit to find product specs, pricing, availability, and place orders at the click of a button.

Introducing Dust-Tight Enclosures from Hoffman

Hoffman NEMA Type 9 Enclosures

Hoffman’s NEMA Type 9 enclosures are specifically designed to meet the rigors of hazardous environments where combustible dust may be present. This unique design makes the NEMA Type 9 enclosures ideal for applications like grain elevator systems, mining process controls, and drill rig systems.

NEMA Type 9 Wall Mount Enclosure Features

  • 19 inch (5 mm), 0.25 inch (6 mm) and 0.38 inch (10 mm) steel plate
  • Covers are 0.25 inches (6 mm) thick to allow mounting of NEMA 9 pushbuttons and pilot lights, which require threaded holes
  • Heavy duty cover hinges when the height (“A”) of the enclosure is 20.00 inches (508 mm) or more
  • Fiber gasket to insure dust-tight closure (mechanically attached to cover)
  • Weldnuts or collar studs provided for mounting optional panel
  • ANSI 61 gray polyester powder finish inside and out over pretreated surfaces.

In addition to NEMA Type 9 wall mount enclosures, Hoffman offers a full line of enclosures and purging/pressurization systems for hazardous locations. Not only does Hoffman provide standard catalog items but they also allow customization to meet each unique application.

Researching & Purchasing Hoffman Enclosures

Whether you’re navigating industry standards, researching specifications, or looking for pricing and availability on Hoffman enclosures, bisco industries is here to help. bisco industries is an authorized Hoffman distributor and offers online pricing and ordering for Hoffman NEMA 9 enclosures. Learn more at or contact one of our 48 local offices.

Extend System Life Using Thermal Cooling Solutions

Installing a thermal cooling system within an enclosure can lengthen system life and increase control line reliability. Heat build-up in an enclosure is potentially damaging to electrical and electronic devices. Overheating results in decreased life expectancy of costly electrical components and can even lead to catastrophic system failure.

SF Side-Mount Fans from Hoffman

Hoffman (a division of Pentair) offers a variety of cooling solutions, with one of the most popular being the SF side-mount filter fans. Applications for side-mount cooling fans include robotics, automotive assembly, package handling equipment, food and beverage process controls, and wind energy systems. Hoffman’s side-mount filter fans are typically used in relatively clean, Type 1 and Type 3R environments where the temperature inside the enclosure will always be greater than outside the enclosure. The SF series of filter fans come in a variety of sizes and free airflow cooling capacities.


  • Click-fit design quickly installs into enclosure wall; no tools or screws required
  • Simple snap-open grille for easy filter replacement
  • Enclosure side wall mounting
  • Reverse airflow option on SF13 models available to push/pull air through higher static pressure
  • Standard foam-in-place gasket
  • Similar cut-out sizes as other filter fan manufacturers
  • Terminal wire connections
  • Optional thermostat available to save energy and extend service life


  • Size range from 4 in. (102 mm) to 13 in. (325 mm)
  • Free air flow from 16 CFM (28 m3/hr.) to 571 CFM (920 m3/hr.)
  • Service life hours from 40000 to 70000 hours
  • Operating temperature range fo -4 F/-20 C to 149 F/65 C
  • Additional specifications


Online Ordering + Local Service

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Hoffman filter fans.  In fact, we have recently updated our website with product specifications, pricing, and availability for hundreds of Hoffman items. Avoid the hassle of waiting for a quote; find pricing, availability, and place orders at the click of a button at

Built to Survive – Hoffman Flameproof Enclosures

Whether you need an explosion proof enclosure or a junction box that can withstand a chemically corrosive environment Hoffman has you covered. Hoffman (a division of Pentair) offers a variety of enclosures and other products specifically designed to withstand hazardous environments.  Hoffman’s EJBX series junction boxes are a prime example of the type of extreme products that Hoffman manufacturers.

Hoffman EJBX junction boxes are flameproof enclosures designed to house electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, remote switches, and transformers. EJBX enclosures are applicable for Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 with ATEX and IECEx certifications.

EJBX Junction Box Features:

  • AISI 316L stainless steel enclosure with stainless steel bolts and screws for superior corrosion resistance
  • High temperature-resistant silicone gasket provides IP66 / 67 rating
  • Welded mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Internal mounting panel
  • Body and cover can be drilled and threaded according to customers’ specifications
  • Internal and external earth screws

Online Ordering + Local Service

Whether you’re looking for the EJBX series junction boxes or another hazardous location enclosure, bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Hoffman.  In fact, we have recently updated our e-commerce store with product specifications, pricing, and availability for hundreds of Hoffman items. Avoid the hassle of waiting for a quote; find pricing, availability, and place orders at the click of a button at

Navigating Global Enclosure Standards

Enclosures protect both devices and people on a daily basis. For example, computer enclosures not only protect computers from outside contaminants like water but also protect people from dangers like electrocution. In more complex applications failure to protect devices or systems with proper enclosures could result in the loss of thousands of dollars or worse yet, worker injury.  In efforts to ensure worker safety and device protection several standards have been developed. The three primary international standards for electrical enclosures are:

Although helpful, these standards tend to be complex and at times downright confusing. To further complicate matters many applications do not even require enclosures to meet a particular industry standard. For those applications the temptation is to find cheaper alternatives without truly understanding the application requirements or considering IEC, NEMA, or UL rated enclosures. However, as a recent whitepaper from Hoffman Enclosures explained, “Focusing solely on low price without fully understanding or requiring industry standards can yield a low initial product cost, but could ultimately lead to high maintenance expenses, component failure and in the worst case, worker safety issues”.

Is your team working on an application that utilizes enclosures?

Gain a better understanding of how to navigate global enclosure standards by reading the entire whitepaper from Hoffman Enclosures here. Hoffman (a division of Pentair) is a leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures including junction boxes, networking cabinets, wall-mount enclosures, and modular enclosure systems. To search a complete catalog of Hoffman enclosures visit authorized Hoffman distributor, bisco industries.

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