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Pentair Introduces New High Thermal Performance Retainer Series and Newly Expanded High Clamp Force Family of Card Loks

Pentair has released a new Schroff retainer design-the Calmark High Thermal “HT” Card Lok and the newly expanded family of Calmark Series 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card Lok Retainers.

The 280HT Card Lok provides best-in-class thermal performance by up to 15 percent over similarly sized Card Loks.  The 280HT can do this by shortening the thermal path distance from the PCB to the cold wall through a unique design.

Unlike the traditional Card Lok, the 280HT Card Lok features solid brackets along the length of the Card Lok that provide a continuous and uniform surface along the printed circuit board, or heat frame, and the cold wall.  The internal geometry maximizes surface contact area while minimizing heat path distance from the board to the cold wall.  You can view data sheet, performance data, and CAD files here.

The newly designed 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card Lok Retainers provide an average of three times the clamping force of similarly sized Card Loks, meeting the growing demands of shock and vibration environments.  Its small and lightweight design provides industry-leading board retention that is ideal for defense, space and aerospace applications.  

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Stanford Solar Car Team Finishes 6th at World Solar Challenge

The Stanford Solar Car Project (SSCP) team completed the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 41 hours 23 minutes, finishing in sixth place out of a field of 29 teams. The Stanford team was one of only seven teams to complete the 3000 kilometer (about 1900 miles) race in five days. In the official SSCP race recap team member, Alex Lubkin, summed up the teams feelings saying,

The two years of preparation, design, manufacturing, and testing came full circle as we crossed the finish line in Adelaide. Thank you to our team members, sponsors, family, and friends who supported us from the start.

As a proud sponsor of the 2015 Stanford Solar Car Project, bisco industries would like to congratulate the team on a job well done! We are thrilled that so many students were able to learn and grow from this process. bisco is committed to continuing to support the engineers, scientists, and innovators of the future. If your student organization is looking for sponsors for upcoming projects please contact us to learn about partnering with bisco.

Stanford Solar Car Team Nears Finish Line

The bisco industries sponsored, Stanford Solar Car Project team, is currently entering day 5 of the World Solar Challenge. The 2000 mile solar car race across the Australian Outback features teams from around the world seeking to test the limits of solar powered vehicles.

World Solar Challenge – A Day in the Life

Team member, Kelsey Josund has been providing updates and insights of the race since its start on October 18th.  According to Josund,

every day, we [the students] drive from 8am to 5pm, stopping only at designated 30-minute control stops. These are usually gas stations, but occasionally just parking lots, and are located every 200 to 400 kilometers along the Stuart Highway. We get out to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and refill support vehicles and water bottles here; during this time, we are allowed to charge the car but cannot do any work on it.

This intense schedule combined with the students hard work has the Stanford team currently in 6th place with 2 ½ days remaining. For daily race results visit the official World Solar Challenge results page and stay tuned to bisco’s blog for the final results.

Investing in the Future

bisco industries serves manufactures across the electronics and solar industries through our full-service e-commerce website and team of over 300 locally-based salespeople. bisco’s integral involvement in these industries drives our commitment to supporting the growth and education of future engineers. Here’s hoping the Stanford Solar Car Project team comes out on top!

The Lightest Metal Structure Ever

Aerospace giant Boeing has released a video showcasing the lightest metal structure ever! The structure is made of one of the lightest materials known to science, called Microlattice.

The entire structure is 99.99% air and is similar to the hollow honeycomb architecture of bone. The structure is made up of super thin, hollow struts. The struts are around 100 micrometers in diameter and have walls just 100 nanometers thick. It’s this design that makes Microlattice 10 times lighter than Styrofoam. Despite it being an insanely light material, it is also extremely strong.

As the video explains, this development has many possibilities, ranging from use in aerospace, high-performance vehicles, shock absorption, and vibration insulation.

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Panduit Recognized With Innovation Awards

During the inaugural Cabling Innovators Awards in September, Panduit and three of their end users were recognized for their exemplary work in network design and installation.

  1. Panduit Patch Cabling – Platinum Award

Panduit and Cisco accepted a platinum award for Cisco’s Canadian headquarters which utilizes Panduit patch cabling to power this smart building.

  1. Panduit QuickNet Copper Cabling– Silver Award

Panduit also accepted a silver award on behalf of Royal Caribbean for contributions to the cutting edge, Quantum of the Seas ship. Quantum’s network infrastructure runs on Panduit QuickNet Copper and Fiber Pre-terminate cabling.

  1. Panduit Turn-Tell Labeling – Silver Award

Panduit and a Japanese network service provider received an award recognizing innovative network labeling. The network service provider used Panduit’s Turn-Tell labels on a large scale project that required individual labeling of thousands of connections.

Click to learn more about Panduit’s Cabling Innovators Awards.

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